Roewe E50 - The subsidies are back, sold out until end of year.


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    Roewe E50 - The subsidies are back, sold out until end of year.

    Post by Windy on Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:29 am

    SAIC Roewe E50 new energy vehicles in Shanghai this year, sales can be broken 1000

    International New Energy Network News: Recently Contact SAIC Roewe E50 Shanghai two car dealers, one dealer said that the car has been sold more than 300 vehicles, the existing orders more than 600 vehicles, is expected to be completed before the year end of the delivery.

    Two dealers for the Shanghai vision for new energy vehicles Sales & Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "forward-car") and Shanghai Anji Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Anji car"). According to the information provided by customer Roewe, Roewe E50 two stores designated point of sale, the Shanghai local consumers enjoy state subsidies, respectively 60,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan subsidy in Shanghai, a total of 100,000 yuan in subsidies.

    Gao Zhan car sales staff also said, "The car charger can be used for civilian 220V voltage, while customers can also spend more than 10,000 yuan purchase charging pile , we have a dedicated team to provide installation, but this requires the purchasers have dedicated parking spaces, We want to charge pile installed in parking side. "

    He said that the current Roewe E50 in short supply, more than 600 vehicles orders, factory production has not kept pace is expected to be delivered by the end of 2013 to complete.

    Gao Zhan car sales this year Roewe E50, the car into the store so far, has sold more than 300 vehicles. In particular, he mentioned that Angelina car sales up 12 this year only, "We Gao Zhan cars SAIC Roewe E50 is the main sales outlets."

    Related statistics , based on data provided by two dealers, a conservative calculation SAIC Roewe E50 sales in Shanghai in 2013 to break 1000.

    Central China auto analyst with a brokerage said that on September 25, 1000 was not a great sales data, SAIC will boost the overall results have a huge impact.

    According to the official website shows Roewe Roewe E50 Kerb weight 1080kg, Power Battery type Li iron phosphate battery, the battery capacity 18kwh ,0-50 mph time of 5.3s ,0-100 km acceleration time of 14.6s, 60 km constant Mileage 180km, maximum speed up to 130km / h. slowly filling time was 6h, fast charge 30 minutes (10% -80%).


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