2013 Summary


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    2013 Summary

    Post by Windy on Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:28 am

    SAIC Motor core product development effort cultivating

    Recently, the Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to SAIC announced that its 2013 sales of more than 5.1 million vehicles, an increase of 13.7%, while the Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. Passenger Vehicle Company (responsible for research and development, manufacturing and sales of SAIC's own brand car, hereinafter referred to as SAIC passenger car) in 2013 year on year sales growth rate of 15%, the basic realization of the goal after SAIC passenger cars.

    Outsiders believe that SAIC passenger cars in recent years in research and development, manufacturing, service and other areas persist and accumulate, in 2013 for its achievements in many fields laid the foundation, which will also continue to promote its more in 2014 market acceptance.

    Steady growth in sales

    2013, in the face of fierce market competition, SAIC full advantage of subordinate enterprises vehicle products and marketing service advantages, active root out market, which makes it the company's joint venture brands have achieved remarkable results.  And particularly worth mentioning is that SAIC passenger cars - Roewe and MG's total sales in 2013 reached 230,000, an increase of 15%.

    Undoubtedly, the main vehicle sales increase steadily, as SAIC's passenger car market performance in 2013 has made the greatest contribution.

    According to SAIC, said that after years of development, SAIC Motor has formed a 2 "fist" products - MG3 and Roewe 350, which makes SAIC passenger cars in the A0-class car with a 10 million class A-class car market, have a certain degree of market competitiveness.  Which, MG3 in 2013 were very strong, in the case in November overall domestic small car market, sales fell 4.6% in the 1 ~, MG3 but contrarian achieved annual sales of 45,000, an increase of 8.1% its segment ranking second only to Volkswagen POLO boutique hatchback models.  In addition, the Roewe 350 models in 2013 sales have completed nearly 120,000, representing an annual growth rate of over 50% 2012.  Especially in the last few months of 2013, the Roewe 350 model series of monthly sales broke into the "ten thousand club", which belongs to the leader in the overall performance of the A-Class products.

    In addition, SAIC passenger cars in 2013 also strengthened the SUV at 150,000 yuan more than the professional market segments. "Roots."  As we all know, the competition more than 150,000 yuan SUV products, the independent brand car prices do not always have the advantage, but in order to expand W5 product visibility, SAIC passenger held for three consecutive years, "Roewe W5 measure activity", and W5 models a lot of marketing hype.  Today, the Roewe W5 market sales model has been able to shoulder joint venture brands of similar products.

    Industry sources believe that sales of passenger cars can get SAIC steady growth, thanks to its powerful products in addition to the layout, but also its technology research and development, manufacturing processes, and continuously improve service quality and other aspects, there is a direct relationship.  It is because of SAIC passenger found a suitable for their own development path independently and adhere to the overall domestic car market into "micro-growth era", the market managed to achieve good performance.

    Build technical advantages

    Indeed, in just the last in 2013, the SAIC tradition of technological innovation in the automotive passenger car networking, new energy and other areas have received some breakthroughs with initial results, not only for its performance in 2013 played a crucial role in promoting, but also laid a solid foundation for its future development.

    It is said that the new Roewe 550 passenger cars represented SAIC main products are now widely used in dual-clutch automatic transmission, Start / Stop digital intelligent energy-saving start-stop system, inkanet car networking and other advanced technologies.  The Roewe 550 plug-in strong hybrid sedan market after, with the Roewe 750 hybrid cars, electric cars Roewe E50 formed SAIC passenger cars in the new energy field "swords together" product placement.

    At the same time, SAIC self-developed passenger cars in terms of effort but also more open to get more industry recognition, its products and technology innovation in 2013 has won twelve industry awards.  Which, inkaNet 3.0 system received the "2013 Car of the Year Award networking technologies and applications"; Roewe 550 Plug In models received the "Award for the most anticipated green cars"; while Roewe 350 model also won the "Car of the Year Award for Technology Innovation "etc..  SAIC passenger cars, especially inkaNet technology, after four years of accumulation, after more than 100 thousand car owners to optimize the feedback of experience, which in 2013 launched inkaNet 3.0 intelligent network traffic system, creating a "safe operation, congestion," the three innovative edge.

    In addition, SAIC passenger cars in 2013 to improve customer satisfaction, product technology upgrade, the new energy industry has also obtained good results.  According to the China Quality Association bulletin data, SAIC's Roewe 350 passenger market segment achieved customer satisfaction first results; while a score of 77 places MG3 gains runner-up in the market segments customer satisfaction rankings , with the winner only one point.  Meanwhile, the first independent Roewe brand or brand group sales service satisfaction score even more than the part of the joint venture brands.

    SAIC stressed that auto companies in the "green energy" has an important responsibility, and therefore consider SAIC passenger cars in their own development, but also must take into account the "urban congestion problems" and "air pollution" current needed to solve.  It is based on the starting point, SAIC passenger cars in terms of research and development of new energy vehicles, vehicle networking technology and traditional technological innovations such as it appears to spare no effort towards this goal and in the future will continue to do so.
    Source: http://finance.sina.com.cn/roll/20140111/031017919109.shtml

    2013 SAIC passenger growth of 15% to improve eye-catching performance

    SAIC recently released sales Letters show that the overall auto market slows background of 2013, SAIC contrarian passenger cars rose to 230,000 own-brand sales among the best in the automotive market, an increase of 15%. Although the growth rate lower than the overall market growth rate of about 3 percentage points, but SAIC is still able to stand out in the passenger car joint venture brands strong attack.

    Sales tend to reflect the strength of the important parameters car prices, especially in the highly competitive market in 2013. Give full play to the leading edge of the product by SAIC's two leading products Roewe 350 and MG3 continued selling. In the case of negative growth market segments, "British fine car" MG3 total annual sales reached 45,446 units, an increase of 11.8% over the many strong joint product, has become second only to Volkswagen POLO sales A0-class quality car hatchback models. And known as "the most technological sense Jiajiao" Roewe 350, the annual total sales reached 113,033 units, an increase of up to 51.9%, and from September 2013, four consecutive months of sales into the "A-class sedan cars Club "; ranked segment also continued to rise, to become its own brand into the introductory price of only 80,000 more than" ten thousand members of the club ".

    Competitive advantage gained significant market sales contrarian

    Behind the sales data is constantly upgrading our power.

    SAIC set as a global resource, after four years of carefully crafted boutique car, MG3 adhering to the MG brand 89 years of UK Design British design, the continuation of "personality, temperament, creativity" brand essence, and by virtue of superior product and market reputation, listed two years to win the majority of young consumers.

    With sufficient to mark the strength of the joint venture brands, Roewe 350 to stay ahead of competitors in many joint ventures. In addition to the large space, superior safety performance, user-friendly technology and the high cost, the Roewe 350 is also equipped with the latest release of inkaNet3.0 SAIC passenger intelligent network traffic system, has become a global pioneer car networking revolution.

    SAIC September 2013 launch of the inkaNet3.0 vehicle information service platform, based on originality, SAIC open telematics architecture for the owners to provide trucks, mobile phones, websites consistent service experience, extending from the service "car life" to the service "car life", is currently operating the smoothest, most convenient and most efficient, car owners consider the most comprehensive solution to the problem of intelligent vehicle systems.

    Gold Power perfect present momentum continued to upgrade the whole system

    Power upgrade, is the only way to upgrade the competitiveness of products, SAIC has also been put in a huge R & D efforts and achieved good results. 2013, SAIC in upgrading the power is particularly worth mentioning, undoubtedly MG5 1.5T 6AT "golden combination of power."

    MG5 1.5T 6AT using 1.5T Hyperboost engine integrates many vanguard technologies, and the use of turbo technology, dynamic performance comparable to 2.0 liters, 100 km combined fuel consumption of only 7.2L, to achieve the perfect unity of power and economy. 6AT manual gearbox makes MG5 1.5T 6AT power transmission more efficient, smoother shifting and comfortable, more comfortable driving experience. MG5 1.5T 6AT listed, representing SAIC grasp of the world's major technology development trend, but also represents the first camp SAIC has entered the global powertrain research and development, will be officially kicked off SAIC powertrain strategy.

    New year, SAIC will launch a series of small-displacement turbocharged direct injection engine to power upgrade and enhance product competitiveness, and constantly improve its market share. Among them, SAIC developed for the MG brand strategy wheel drive, with inkaNet intelligent traffic systems and power handling performance, and strengthen the MG brand.

    Gold sale "house epService" attentive warranty worry

    Upgrade and steady improvement in sales of products not only bring SAIC confidence of their products, but also the courage to provide consumers with a higher standard of service emboldened.

    SAIC in September 2013 on the first to start the three policies, while its Roewe and MG all products will upgrade the warranty period to 3 years 100,000 km of long term, far higher than the national "car Three Guarantees" for three years 60,000 km The relevant provisions of the joint venture more mainstream in many domestic car prices, reflecting the SAIC for product quality and consumer confidence in the sincerity and responsibility.

    In addition to the implementation of three policies in advance, the SAIC service products, "McNair home repair" also won the praise of consumers. House epService to "home-style" service features, the project has now increased to 80, 299 stations nationwide home network platform was officially launched. For four-tier cities, SAIC also launched the "house epService - outlets home" service, truly comprehensive after-sales service at home. Since the service attentive, home epService customer satisfaction rate of 99%, set a new benchmark for service domestic car prices.

    The new energy strategy, "two swords together and" fruitful innovation

    Product upgrading, innovation can not be separated, which is SAIC has been practicing corporate development guidelines. For a long time, SAIC in the field of new energy vehicles to independent innovation for development, in order to promote the new energy automotive industry as the goal has been achieved fruitful results.

    Positioning the city as a daily means of transport "urban boutique pure electric car," Roewe E50 to most of today's safety performance of lithium iron phosphate system as a power source, truly zero pollution, zero emissions. 2013, listed only more than a year Roewe E50, Take the world's leading performance won wide public acclaim, the first to become a "new energy vehicles, the Central Party School Experience Center" car.

    2013, the SAIC's new energy vehicle market again Sword, achieve sustained innovation. Guangzhou Auto Show, SAIC launched China's first mass-produced plug-in hybrid three nuclear powered car - Roewe 550 Plug-in, which uses the world's leading full-time full-hybrid system, with three nuclear drive, EDU smart drive transmission to achieve a 2.3L 100 km fuel consumption and mileage of up to 500km, bringing the most advanced global synchronization plug-in hybrid cars for Chinese consumers.

    As the first launch of the new energy automobile business strategy, while SAIC to develop new energy vehicles, and more committed to the layout of the new energy industry chain. Hot and Roewe 550 Plug-in listed Roewe E50, making SAIC passenger cars in the new energy field to form a "two swords together and" product layout, showing the SAIC Excellence in the forward-looking layout of the new energy industry chain results, and will greatly promote China's new energy automobile industry, market-oriented.

    Another breakthrough marketing innovation to enhance the brand strength

    In addition to technological innovation, SAIC increased marketing innovation, out of the 2013 proud step.

    Roewe W5, for example, began in 2011 in the "measured" series once again achieved excellent social repercussions. 2013 Roewe W5 Polar Special Edition continues the theme of the previous two years to continue to open the "Tribute to measure polar heroes' journey, conquered with" arctic restricted area, "said the Divine Arctic tribute" professional adhere to the "heroes, with the most solid rut proved its strength, sparking a consumer resonance, enhance brand awareness and favorability.

    The cooperation with the electricity supplier platform embodies the courage to break out of the SAIC has always been the spirit. On November 2013 Guangzhou Motor Show, SAIC launched a special edition MG5 Geek and custom car through a flexible business platform, customized to meet the needs of online with the spirit of the young owners of Geek. December, SAIC's MG brand Lynx hand in hand, again heavy launch "British boutique car" MG3 "double 12 big promotion" and gains in single-brand car sales first.

    As early as 2010, SAIC has already begun to explore online sales; 2012 SAIC sales network has reached 10,000 units, accounting for 5% of total annual sales, while net sales in the pilot regions Hubei, Hangzhou, some dealers net sales even more than 30% of the proportion of total sales, the effective realization of the complementary network of sales and marketing entities.

    Make sure to get customer satisfaction monopolize technology award

    In the star-studded eleventh Guangzhou Auto Show, SAIC Roewe, MG dual-brand all models with high quality, high technology and innovative intellectual bid, winning "Car of the Year 2013 networking technologies and applications" (inkaNet3.0 ), the most anticipated green car (Roewe 550 Plug In), "Best Technology Innovation car" (Roewe 350), including twelve awards.

    Since the product technology upgrade, the new energy industry, improve customer satisfaction and other aspects achieved gratifying results, SAIC passenger car brands arrogate more heavyweight prize in the "2013 China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CACSI)" in : Roewe 350 made the first segment of impressive customer satisfaction scores; MG3 with a score of 77 runner-up in the market segment gains customer satisfaction rating, with only one championship point difference; Roewe brand won autonomy Brand Group sales service satisfaction first title, scoring even more than many mainstream venture.
    Source: http://www.feelcars.com/20140114/c201237408.shtml

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