The British Motor Industry


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    The British Motor Industry

    Post by Windy on Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:58 pm

    Do not misread the British automobile industry

    In people's traditional impression, Britain has no auto industry of the country, the judgment is made on this ground, most British car brand has been acquired outside the capital. For example, the production of classic black taxi Manganese Bronze ownership of Geely Group , the early years of the Rover car by the Chinese SAIC acquired; the more famous Jaguar Land Rover , Bentley , MINI , Rolls-Royce , Lotus and other brands have all been in India Tata , the German public and even Malaysia Proton and other companies divvy up.
    At first glance up, that argument seems to make sense, like if China's FAW , SAIC, Changan , Geely , BYD and other companies have all been foreign acquisitions if so, it is undoubtedly a disaster for the Chinese auto industry. But for the British car, this conclusion is too one-sided and can not withstand scrutiny, whether there is a definition of the automotive industry is clearly not a simple brand ownership of this parameter can be defined.

    My understanding of the situation is: these brand despite being foreign acquisitions, but the core and the core components of the plant production plants located in the United Kingdom is still, still hundreds of thousands of industrial workers for the British automotive service, automotive and related industries remained for the British contribution a lot of taxes, automobile research and development capabilities to maintain the world's leading standards, even proud of the automotive market relative to other European countries also have strong growth potential, ordinary Britons also owned such a powerful automobile industry oriented basis.

    As vice president of automotive investment agency UKTI British Lawrence Davis said, as long as they bring wealth, jobs and tax revenue, the British government welcomes foreign investment capital in various forms, and as long as the United Kingdom operations and production in the all in accordance with local enterprise companies treat foreign investment will not have to give any differences or discriminatory treatment, but provide a good policy environment support.

    Moreover, the outstanding British industrial workers profound car heritage, research and development strength even abound, and for foreign auto companies who are able to borrow a valuable asset.

    This argument has been confirmed at the Chinese enterprises to invest in the UK, both SAIC investment retained MG Longbridge factory, Geely reservations after investment Manganese Bronze Coventry factory, or Changan Automobile Investment research and development center in Nottingham, in fact, are as British auto industry participants benefit. And MG brand and Manganese Bronze company's operating performance is very good, Changan UK R & D center is also a positive development of its own brand products provide a lot of support, but also to invest in the Chinese auto companies and the British government to achieve a win-win situation.

    Of course, SAIC and Geely for British car company 's acquisition goodly portion of the case, similar to the Changan UK R & D center set up is not necessarily suitable for all types of businesses. This raises another issue, Chinese auto companies exactly what form should become a British auto industry investors and participants.

    The world automobile industry background is a big trend shift focus to the east obvious that this judge had more from the market level, after all, the world's first production scale in China, already the many well-known automobile enterprises an important support for the performance, but car out of the desire of China has thus become more intense.

    And South America, Africa, Southeast Asia compared to other markets, Europe is the Chinese enterprises have been wishing to enter the target market, but Europe had for Chinese brands to enter still holding some degree of rejection attitude, Chinese enterprises need to find the right way to participate in Europe competition in the automotive market.

    This so-called "exclusion theory" is also a misreading of foreign car brands and product quality requirements equally demanding European market, Chinese brands suffered more setbacks in Europe, which is not familiar with the local legal and regulatory environment of Land and Water refused to accept it, of course, in addition to the adjustment of China's own companies, but also requires local governments to give appropriate guidance and support.

    Lawrence Davis made ​​it clear that the British government welcomes Chinese car companies any form of investment, and even welcomed the establishment of vehicle and parts plants in the United Kingdom in the Chinese auto companies to provide policy support and one-stop service.

    Britain's olive branch has been thrown, and how to use, depends on Chinese auto companies wisdom of.

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