1st April News: SMTC haunted by ghost of André Citroën


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    1st April News: SMTC haunted by ghost of André Citroën

    Post by patpending on Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:19 pm


    The Long Bridge, Birmingham, 1st April 2015.

    Workers at Shanghai Motor Technical Centre (UK) in Birmingham, who design and engineer MG models for sale world-wide, were shocked last week to spot the ghost of legendary French automobile founder André Citroën lurking behind the 3D printer before going “le woooooooooo!” and disappearing into their CAD/CAM system via the coffee machine.

    SMTC Advanced Minecraft technician Li Da Teip, c.60, was a little surprised. “I was a little surprised”, he said. “It was like the ghost of Citroën had sneaked into our car naming system to dub the new SUV “GS” - after the Citroën car which the Pininfarina BMC 1100 prototype became”.

    Etch-a-Sketch operative Wong Wei, 45, added “We heard that story, too, about the ambient astral self of Sir Clive Sinclair infiltrating the Citroën system just before the naming of the C5. However, we intend to press ahead with our plans to revive the MG Zed names with MG ZU, ZV and ZX”.

    At the time of going to press it is believed that the ZZ concept has been deemed “too boring” by focus groups, though it has been denied that the ghost of Pierre-Jules Boulanger was involved in the replacement concept for MG3SW, a new MG2 spin-off for transporting eggs across ploughed fields known as the “MG2 Carry Vehicle” or simply “MG2CV”.

    Meanwhile, although it had been believed that the Longbridge factory cat had spooked him away, the ghost of another legendary Frenchman is reportedly haunting the design systems of Mercedes-Benz. “I do not believe this rumour that the ghost of Reggie Renault is haunting our computers” said Daimler CEO Zebedee (5.40) when asked.

    “It is complete coincidence that our new luxury sports car is named GTS after an 80s Renault 5.”
    “After all, if Mercedes systems were haunted by the ghost of Reggie Renault, we'd be selling expensive versions of Renault vans and Twingos, wouldn't we?”

    (pictures: landcrab.net)

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