New 350 for 2015


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    New 350 for 2015

    Post by patpending on Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:27 pm

    Roewe 350 exposing a whole new generation market in August / or increase 1.4T

      [Sohu car gold fox spy] after Shanghai Automotive announced the new model will be available in 2015, is just a listing of MG GS Maxplan, another sucked in August listed Roewe brand sedans. SAIC will this majesticcar as a "whole new A-class car, "but the time course and view a comprehensive analysis of a variety of information, like a majestic 350replacement model.
       Spy photos and news tips to collect email: diezhao # (# = @), please contact us to become the Fox spy information officer, a member of the group.

      From the renderings we have seen the new model front design, grille retains the Roewe brand family of facial features, retaining the cash Roewe 350 dual chrome bar design, the lower frame further downward outstanding.Headlight section redesigned to upgrade to the configuration of the lens lamps, headlights outline some of the Roewe 550 is designed to move closer to the lower edge of the formation of a double-curved design. Fog region joined the chrome decoration line, while integrating a strip of LE Ddaytime running lights .

      The spy has demonstrated a whole new car interior design type, as shown on the renderings, as part of the control panel with a stepped design, the top half of the 8-inch touch-control screen ICE, the control panel is slightly with tilt keyboard design, improved ergonomic convenience.

      Central air conditioning vent with a vertical bar type design, both sides of the style is no longer a circular profile. Stepped in the lower half of the control panel is automatic climate control air conditioningsystem, the information is displayed on a large screen integrated multimedia systems. Dark mahogany decor panel throughout the dashboard, compared to cash Roewe 350 's interior looks more texture.

      The new instrument panel design both retro atmosphere, but also full of scientific and technological atmosphere. Only the outline of a square meter pointer speedometer, and both sides are two rectangular LCD instrument, capable of rendering more information-rich new models equipped with the fifth generation of intelligent traffic systems, including.
      It should be said in August this upcoming full listing of the new carmodel confidentiality doing very well, there is still no information on the test vehicle exposure. Also inferred that more may be based on the Roewe 350 , or MG GT were Facelift lift facelift may be greater, the only way to take advantage of the current models mature platform for rapid introduction of new models.

    [Cash Roewe 350 ]

      At the same time the new Roewe 1.5T models in addition to the continuation of the current configuration of power, is likely to be MG GTas increase 1.4TGI turbocharged, direct injection engine , with a 6-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox . As for the introduction of new models is a new identity, or to the new Roewe 350 's identity launch, is still unknown.

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