CLEARLY NOT A PROPER MG through the ages...


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    CLEARLY NOT A PROPER MG through the ages... Empty CLEARLY NOT A PROPER MG through the ages...

    Post by patpending on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:57 am


    1. “Old No. 1”, 1925.
    Not No.1 MG. Not closely based on a Morris. “Clearly not a proper MG”.

    2. “R-Type”, 1935.
    Geoff Enoch has used the original spec to make a brand new one in 2015. Looks beautiful. Not made by MG itself. “Clearly not a proper MG”.

    3. TA Midget, 1936.
    Used a Morris-derived 1292cc engine which was not OHC. “Clearly not a proper MG”.

    4. TC Midget, 1945.
    Based on the pre-war design so a bit old-fashioned. “Clearly not a proper MG”.

    5. MGA, 1955.
    Covered front wheels, modern shape, Poirot wouldn't have recognised it. “Clearly not a proper MG”

    6. Magnette MkIII, 1958.
    A five-seater not from Abingdon? “Clearly not a proper MG”

    7. MG 1100, 1962.
    As Magnette but FWD. “Clearly not a proper MG”

    8. MGB GT, 1965.
    (Lady Bracknell voice) “A hatchback?” “Clearly not a proper MG”

    9. MGB with rubber bumpers, 1974.
    Wot, no chrome? “Clearly not a proper MG”

    10. MG Metro/Maestro/Montego, 1983.
    As bad as 1100(five-seater, FWD) but not only not from Abingdon, not even from Cowley. Built at (gulp) “the Austin”. “Clearly not a proper MG”

    11. MGF, 1995.
    Looks different from a 1962 design. “Clearly not a proper MG”

    12. MG ZR, ZS, ZT, 2001.
    Based on "Rovers" (harrumph!). Rather fun to drive and very affordable, All sorts of bright colours. Forget chrome or rubber, not even any proper bumpers at all! Built at (gulp) “the Austin”. “Clearly not a proper MG”

    13. SV, 2004.
    Italian links. Carbon fibre construction. Expensive. “Clearly not a proper MG”

    14. MG3, 2013.
    British design and engineering, but effectively a big-selling “world car” and Chinese too. “Clearly not a proper MG”

    15. MG GS, 2016.
    Modern styling. First MG SUV. 4WD. Chinese connection. Where do we start? “Clearly not a proper MG”

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