MG6 Test Drive


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    MG6 Test Drive

    Post by Windy on Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:16 pm


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    Re: MG6 Test Drive

    Post by Windy on Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:17 pm

    Test drive of SAIC MG6 - Under the curves also has an extraordinary beautiful skill

    Circuit: 1.8T engine before 2500 lazy, above 2500 activation

    Since "The South Steam" (NAC) after the merger with SAIC, Roewe and MG, the two brands have joined together in Shanghai for production.

    These two brands have the background in Britain, but also share a number of models of the platform, but SAIC put two brand in China to create the style is different:
    Roewe brand ROEWE calm atmosphere, private and public Jieke use either; and
    MG MG brand fashion avant-garde, or very dynamic personality, or strong, two brands will therefore for different styles of users and does not constitute a competitive relationship with each other, such as the Roewe 750 and the MG7.

    The Roewe 550 has achieved impressive sales market after one year, 2009 sales total is 64,408, MG brand platform to correspond to the same models MG6 on December 22, 2009 came official on the national market, 1.8L DVVT with the 1.8L TURBO the two engines and five models 12.88 - 192.8 thousand yuan, more expensive than Roewe 550 is slightly higher price, the unique Fast-Back fastback design style is its biggest selling point.
    We are also similar to the design of the BMW X6 and the 5-Series GT seen before, whether it will become a new trend we do not say, but in the current 20 million or less price range family cars, it is the only use of such design models, SAIC their position is "a new benchmark car.". MG6 and the calm of the Roewe 550 people compared to the movement to bring a more intuitive visual impact and strong, just and its complementary in style, in the 10-20 million popular among auto market, Shanghai Automotive can rely on these two products have a more people with different needs of user groups.

    Well, that is so much for, how actually is this MG6 car in the end?
    With the zero distance contact, the answer will be revealed for the majority of users.

    Test site - Shanghai Sheshan
    Test time - January 2010 18-19
    Weather - Partly Cloudy
    Pavement Condition - City road / track
    Test Drive Vehicle - MG MG6 1.8T Elite Edition
    Market Price - 16.68 thousand
    We like - Graceful fastback body style and curves, a rich configuration, the response at any instant power
    We do not like - High-speed noise is too large, hanging is too tough

    Feel the power: 1.8T lazy and in 2500 became activation of the critical point

    A car no matter how beautiful the re-design, configuration, more abundant, its ultimate use is still needed to go to Yuanshanjinshui with the owner, so the car's driving performance, it will certainly be every car users must be an important element of concern, with England style fastback model MG6 is no exception.

    Shanghai Tianma Circuit will be the test of MG6 power and control over the performance of the stage, we have not even had time to appreciate that the unique fastback curve was MG6 brought here, it seems it is not wait to prove that he is not "the Christians have their table vases."

    The article mentioned at the beginning, MG6 a total of 1.8L naturally aspirated and turbocharged two engines, netizens must have been very familiar with, they are equipped with the Roewe 550 and that on the two. Which 1.8DVVT engine has a maximum power of 98kw and 170Nm of torque, while the 1.8T can be a burst of maximum power 118kw at the engine speed to 2500-4500 rpm when the largest output of 215Nm of torque, at the same displacement cars type, this data is ranked in the upper level.
    Well, what the actual situation?

    The test drive model all of the 1.8T turbo models, in a simple hot car after the tires warm, MG6 into his own state of motion. Straight-line acceleration test of this aspect will be the turbocharged engine the best solution. Will be linked directly into the S shift handle block movement pattern and deeply depresses the accelerator pedal, the car first, hesitated a moment then immediately washed out, speed will soon turn over the 2500 entry "turbo moment," This a steady stream of attack power, because of the reasons for vehicles to push back a sense of self-respect is not so obvious, but drivers will definitely be felt.

    Shift speed close to 5000, automatic transmission gear jump 2 seconds after the 1-2, speed over 80km / h, this time the engine roar to clear the ears, of course, this is the track, This only further stimulate the roar of the driver's adrenaline. Due to space constraints, we did not make the speed more than 100km / h, but can still feel the latter is enough power reserve.

    While the above is the basic does not occur normally fierce drive, but also can be concluded from this engine temper. That the initial stage, as always, gentle, 2500 switch to turbo-intervention there will be a significant increase in power point, the point the driver can easily feel the speed can easily reach most of the city section of the speed limit-80km / h.

    2: tracks: the entire chassis, suspension hardware, comfort slightly discounted

    Feelings of control: full suspension chassis, hard, comfort a little discount

    Rapid change in the next lines and braking avoidance part of the test is MG6 of the steering and braking performance. In a 30-40km / h speed limit for continuous change of line, the driver can effectively control the vehicle, the steering wheel is always pointing the direction with the front line, would not have produced the phenomenon of lag, you can turn it control in the same class belonging to the ranks of more precise, reflecting its position as a sports car should be standard.

    MG6 softer braking in early stage, middle and back-a powerful braking force only. After all, it is a civilian vehicle, comfort should be placed on the more important position. Of course, this does not mean that the car's brakes not good, when you need emergency braking and just the brake pedal energetically is hit, in the BA Brake Assist System with the help of, MG6 be able to quickly "Stop." This "double-dealing," the style is undoubtedly the most suitable for urban users to use. And this effective combination of braking and precise steering, MG6 deal with any unexpected situation, most are able to avoid near misses.

    Followed by continuous detours and bumpy roads is a major test for the MG6 suspension tuning, and also able to integrate the car's handling performance, see how in the end. Tianma Circuit, some 180-degree back bend in this section do not take the speed down to an appropriate value, the former driving the phenomenon is bound to produce the Tuitou, ESP in this case can not be too much for help. You can only slam the brakes continue to reduce the speed and steering wheel, dead to want to go the direction of, the body will follow back to positive.

    It is worth mentioning that, MG6 chassis style is really out and out racing-oriented, even if there is an unavoidable Tuitou phenomenon, body roll is also not obvious, you do not have the first effort to "come back to" their body. In the ensuing continuous detour medium speed though have reached 50-60km / h, you still do not feel much of the roll.

    With the horizontal stabilizer bars Multi-link independent rear suspension and 215mm of the limited capabilities played a role at this time, tough to adjust the style of the movement in full compliance with MG6 location. At the same time, you do not have to worry about the rear would be disobedient held back because it is very close to the shape of the rear hatchback, that is, "without rear impact."

    Of course, with the DSC completely shut down, the tail flick phenomenon in the corners on the heels of a very dangerous, we can see that in responding to emergency situations DSC's role will be very great.

    Then experience a slowdown but also to indicate its tough suspension, the vehicle will be issued a "Deng" is heard, there is no extra noise, feeling MG6 did not, as some family cars "break up", of course, rear-seat passengers may be somewhat uncomfortable. We can not say that this is wrong, because if you want to seek comfort, the user can choose another style to the Roewe 550.

    An afternoon of track experience so that everyone on the MG6 car's ride and handling have a better understanding, you can say that it really is a style of differences with the Roewe 550 models, although the power and transmission system there is no change However, the different adjustment reflects the MG brand is the sporting spirit.

    City: daily driving just to help you can provide primary turbine

    City test drive: daily driver you can just turbo the provision of primary assistance

    As a user, buying a car is used to domestic travel, not to use it in order to experience the ultimate in performance or its drag racing or even use their track. Therefore, MG6 driving experience within the city or many consumers select cars have more help.

    Do not look at the track on this 1.8T engine abnormal temper, but in peacetime, as long as you do not "activate" it will always be with you so lazy. MG6 little of idle noise, and sometimes even need through tachometer to determine whether you have it to start.

    Light throttle pedal, the vehicle slowly started to move. Generally when the gear hanging in the D, this Asin gearbox will change up and down Shengdang in 2000. In other words, if you always keep the throttle opening is less than the total stroke of 1 / 3, turbines will not be activated, the equivalent of driving a 1.8L naturally aspirated car. Rose leisurely speed of 80km / h, the engine speed at 5 Dangxia less than 2000 rpm. Faced Curb weight closer to 1.5 tons of MG6, driving in congested cities, only it's the most fuel-efficient.

    Of course, if you need to overtake, or an occasional indulgence, just then the gas pedal to 1 / 3 of the trip, the gearbox will drop a gear, speed will be increased to 2500 to switch over pressure relief valve of the "hissing" sound clarity conveyed to the ears, such as reporting to the owner: I have come to work. As for the gas pedal the last 1 / 3 of stroke, is not recommended to use in the city, except for that unpleasant noise outside, and even down 2-3 gear gearbox will have some impact, while the rapid increase of the speed right out of the window The other vehicle is also a potential danger. This gentle driving exotic cars driving in the city is very pleasant.

    In short, as the MG6 owners, you just know that it will be summoned ample power at any instant, it is enough.

    Space: compression molding, back rear headroom , storage facilities

    Ride space: the front enough, somewhat cramped rear headroom

    Although defined as a sports car, but in the comfort the MG6 still doing good. 2705mm "cross-class" height 172cm wheelbase makes the rear passenger seat between the legs with a distance of more than 2 hands, which means that he can easily tilt. Slip back only because the design of the roof curves in the back of rapidly sinking, the passengers is not very ample headroom. If more than 180cm tall passengers into the rear, I am afraid to rely on the expense of leg space to get a normal head space.

    Of course, the front passenger's head space is no problem. Also would like to mention that, because the design of the car's high waistline, hidden rear passengers better protection from the vehicle only to see the rear passenger's head.

    Storage space: a number of

    MG6 As a civilian vehicle, for the driver to provide a variety of convenient storage space of its obligations. He also did the whole car has more than 10 daily storage space, sunglasses, coins bills, cell phone wallet, ash, confidential documents, bottled drinks, newspapers, maps, etc. all have their own respective places.

    The only place that is less than adequate is the door-side storage boxes are too narrow for drinks bottles, to take advantage of the situation is very limited. Is designed to open if we can believe the outcome will be well-formed much better.

    As a fastback car, MG6 of the trunk space is one big bright spot. When the rear seat not folded flat into the case reached the 429L, will be in the 4 / 6 split rear seats fold flat into the case, the space can be achieved 1379L.

    MG6 tail door fully open the case, under which more than 1.9 meters along the height in such a large angle can be opened within the luggage into the trunk and out to provide a great convenience.

    Configuration: sub-top-equipped car, there are many luxurious Configuration

    MG6 of the Interior for the pure motor-oriented all-black style, accompanied by piano surface and silver trim, cool fresh full.

    Functional Experience:

    As the same platform with the Roewe 550 model, MG6 also more or less in the configuration there are some "digital" shadow. Now we focus on a few more examples.

    A key to start:

    In the 550 standard with a key to start the engine the same standard in the MG6 on the entire department, the same is the key to insert and press, as compared with the conventional ignition, which started more modern way.

    Real-time traffic space flight instrumentation + Computers:

    Although the instrument sets the shape and 550 the same, but MG6 dial internal structure of a substantial change has taken place. Reasons based on style, MG6 using the traditional double-disc instruments, fuel and water temperature on the table to keep the style of 550 is still an electronic grid display.

    Start the engine, the instrument would all be self-test. In addition to the central traffic computer screen displays the total mileage of the fixed, gear information, can also rotate the steering wheel multi-function knob to the left of the instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, endurance mileage, average speed display switching operation simple and convenient.

    Meanwhile, the piece of screen can also be displayed, such as doors or the trunk door is not closed, ESP off, maintenance alerts.

    Multi-function steering wheel:

    Through a combination of knobs and buttons, MG6 of the steering wheel can be controlled, including trip computer, stereo, cruise control, shift and other functions.

    Multimedia interactive system:

    The far right by Instrument panel 6.5-inch display, the car owner can read the navigation map, clock, exterior temperature, the current move towards the front, and many other information. Owners can also be achieved through two central air-conditioning vent out the middle of the "knob + button" in combination speed limit alarm, intelligent wiper, automatic Lasuo, headlamp delay functions such as opening and closing settings, at the same time audio and audio input mode information is also With the owner of the operation will appear on the screen. Through the middle of this piece of the screen and instrumentation vehicular computer screen, the owner can fully control all the car information.

    In addition, automatic headlights, "7"-shaped hand brake, after reversing radar, parcels of better leather seats, power sunroof, windows remote control, no-bone wipers (flat), anti-glare inside rear-view mirror, etc. can also be configured in this second only to the top with the Elite models found.

    Overall, MG6 the middle of several anticipated sales in the configuration on the main models have been slightly exceeded the price the same level with the vehicle that can bring more luxury car owners to enjoy.

    Overall: unique beauty of everyone to express their views bar


    Finally, we come to appreciate the graceful curves of MG6, as well as details of the dynamic of the office. Eyes of the wise beholder see wisdom, User can express their views, the Editor will no longer be any unnecessary its appearance description.

    How do you think?

    Summary: a little bit of alternative personality

    It can be said, MG6 car whole body is full of unique, beautiful in its distinctive under the curve still has a wild heart, and decent skill, while the configuration is also inherited the 550 digital luxury. In this 80 or even 90, after quickly become the main force of the times, a little personality, that the alternative is believed to be very willing to see. Accustomed to looking at the limits on the roads clear definition of the "pure" hatchback sedan car and after you do not rigidly adhere to the secular, whether it has fallen in love MG6?

    For the MG6 speaking, Fast-Back's unique style has been a cause never forget it, but its wealth of configuration, "T" drive and tough suspension tuning is the ability to bring the owner of the most intuitive feelings. Whether the strength of these three areas were more User recognition is its ability to hot key.

    Rating Comments

    Appearance ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
    Fast-Back fastback body style to bring the beautiful curve of

    Interior ★ ★ ★ ★
    style and Roewe 550 is similar to the deployment of rich and complete

    Dynamic ★ ★ ★ ★
    1.8T engine in the rear section power adequate, but noisy

    Manipulation ★ ★ ★ ★
    chassis set-ups in good health, outstanding movement characteristics, comfort compromised

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