Car of the Year 2010


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    Car of the Year 2010

    Post by Windy on Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:31 pm

    Well done to the MG TF for winning the title of "Best domestic convertible 2010" in good company amongst the Ferraris, and well done to the Germans for winning almost every other title!

    Was wondering why the Germans where doing so well, then I got to the last paragraph Shocked Evil or Very Mad


    "Auto Expo" "Car of the Year 2010" Award is solemnly announced

    Automotive Integrated report by the "Auto Expo" magazine's "Car of the Year 2010" January 28th

    Large-scale audience research data reporting and Award Ceremony was held today. This large-scale readership survey activities of the Group of 19 countries, together with ams organization, all the data collected aggregate statistics, and at the same time, dissemination of results.

    Car of the Year's objective is to listen to the voice of consumers and focus on the systematic understanding of each regional market in the car's brand image, the survey data indicates that the market trend. The intention of the survey data, including car buying intention, automobile brand image makes image 13 indicators of 13 criteria, automobile brand positioning brand positioning, etc., using a dedicated analysis software Image Surfur can make comparisons between brands, and more analytical significance data.

    After months of polling and statistics, this year received a total of a 18,000 valid votes cast. The current selection covers the main through formal channels in China, sales of passenger cars, a total of ten categories A total of 320 models.

    "Car of the Year 2010" award lists:

    Best homemade mini-cars BYD F0

    Best compact car SMART FORTWO

    Best Domestic Small Car Changan Ford Carnival

    Best small car MINI COOPER / CLUBMAN

    Best Domestic quasi-medium-class cars FAW - VW Golf

    The best quasi-medium-class cars FAW - VW Golf

    Best of domestic mid-size sedan Audi A4L

    Best mid-size sedan Audi A4L

    Best Domestic executive saloon Audi A6L

    Best Executive Class Mercedes-Benz E-class sedan

    Best Luxury Class Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan

    Best Domestic Sports Car China Brilliance Cool Po

    Best Sports Car Ferrari F430

    Best of domestic convertible MG TF

    Best convertible Ferrari California

    Best Domestic SUV and off-road vehicles FAW Toyota Chak 200

    Best SUV and the BMW X6 off-road vehicles

    Best Domestic multi-van Canton Auto HONDA Odyssey

    Best multi-functional van Mercedes-Benz R Class

    Car of the Year 2010 is on the authority of the publication by the European automotive auto motor und sport sponsored an annual basis from 1976 to now, developed into the world's 21 countries, carried out at the same time, influence deep as the world's most important automotive market research activities. "Auto motor und sport cars Comments on" this event into China nine years, the survey will also be developed into the most long-standing, voter turnout was the most stable of a survey.

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    Re: Car of the Year 2010

    Post by patpending on Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:36 pm

    Windy wrote:Was wondering why the Germans where doing so well, then I got to the last paragraph Shocked Evil or Very Mad

    I think there are three categories missing:

    1) Most airbags

    2) Highest number of ESPs

    3) Chunkiest dashboard plastics.

    There has been a Chinese edition of auto, motor & sport for some years now...

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    Re: Car of the Year 2010

    Post by Wasequiped on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:24 am

    pity that people in china don't buy domestic convertibles may be that will change now.

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    Re: Car of the Year 2010

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