The real MG3 - photos


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    The real MG3 - photos

    Post by Windy on Thu May 06, 2010 7:58 am

    A story from before the Beijing Show, the front is only a little different to the MG Zero show car but the big difference is the rear lights - the Zero's are much better, although once you get used to them they do improve and are a very distinctive feature:

    Today's no camouflage really making the exposure, as we interpret according to the analysis before the spy, the former face is completely transformed into a similar style models with MG6, narrow grille set with the Guangzhou auto show has just released the new MG Silver signs. Black headlamps, huge black bumper grille marked by new car will sport the brand style. A very special black spray column it is easy to think of such mini and Swift models, look at the overall structure from the MG3, it is indeed quite the former somewhat similar. Benefit from the C pillar rear end of the lid-shaped taillight design vertical bar, to ensure a great opening. The new rear bumper protection plate is a large area of black cars from the MG Roewe transfiguration after a significant change.

    And the previous analysis is different, and will be naming MG3 and the original MG MG3SW models have some overlap, it is easy to produce the same car in different segments of the singular model. Is the original MG3SW will launch soon in the MG3 leave the stage? Actually not the case, according to sources, this original code S261 in the A0-class car, and just listed Roewe 350 model is actually the same technology platform, code-named later models adjusted to ZP11. This new MG3 is expected to be listed in October, according to SAIC's recent planning, MG 3SW this year will also introduce a small change models, continue to maintain sales, so in recent class, the MG3 and the original new Some MG3SW will fight side by side.

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