Roewe 350 - SUCCESS


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    Roewe 350 - SUCCESS

    Post by Windy on Tue May 25, 2010 2:37 am

    It may not of caught the attention of the German car magazines, but for the Chinese the star of the Beijing Auto show was...

    Roewe 350 orders for the first month from listing breakthrough 10,000

    People had not expected that Roewe 350 will gather so generous splendor at the Beijing auto show, not only in one fell swoop include Sina, Sohu, Netease, easy car network "The best mid-size car" award (Sina Sohu and Netese are the big three auto publications), "Award for the best new to market car at the auto show", "2010 Beijing Auto Show favorite cutting-edge smart car" and "Best compact car" and many other heavyweight awards, but has also been a number of Internet users as "The most attention in the history of cars".

    After another set of concerns makes the "car network media" in one of the Roewe 350 is quite a new kind of champion Corrections and taste, and even the media called "China and the world started the first year of automotive information" Fortunately, his open-minded atmosphere of tolerance, beyond at the same level of quality, results-oriented content and innovative technology the Lead, so all eyes are focused to fill the gap becomes natural.

    The media had not given it the aura of dim, press and from dealers learned that since the April 23 announcement of the price, but more than a month before, orders for the Roewe 350, the 10,000 barrier had already broken, and the number is still rising. Shanghai Automotive may be showing off a little smile this time, because for them, the true test of the Roewe 350 is not the words of those awards and praise, but is the most authentic voice of the market reaction and the owners.

    Roewe 350 orders popular, hard to find a car just after Beijing auto show, when journalists receive friends call to ask all the circumstances Roewe 350, obviously "full-time online mid-level car", the reputation has been well known.

    Dealers in particular is tragicomic, both proud of much attention and prestige 350 renewed confidence, the source for the shortage of vehicles temporarily unable to deliver and burning with impatience. According to dealers introduced almost every day there are 34 approved customer intention to come to the shop to look at cars, they generally Roewe 350 inkaNet system and the 1.5L small-displacement very interested, and it shows "3G traffic Internet Life" and the small row volume of vehicle fuel economy are now beginning to power the dual advantage.

    According to the order analysis, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other big cities for the Roewe 350's acceptance of more than elsewhere. Unfortunately, due to impact new car market capacity climbing, Roewe 350 current tight supply of resources, hard to find a car; but the reporter observed, more popular Roewe 350 customers would rather give up other options will be provided as the available car. Asked them why, these consumers have said that the same level after the one hand, a careful comparison between models and found that Roewe 350 is not only a large interior space, ride comfort, all amenities, but also has a joint venture vehicle prices and quality are also difficult to sense , is a very suitable for family of three cities in the daily life of the family car; the other hand, Roewe brand "Elite Experience" has been deeply rooted among the Roewe brand in 2009 he won the international authority of the evaluating agencies JDPower Automotive Sales Satisfaction Index ( SSI) top and car service satisfaction (CSI) index's fourth award, renewed confidence in them; such a high cost option, how can people not be tempted?

    A-grade building high-end brand car capacity reflects not only a premium brand's long-term precipitation, need first-class manufacturing and design quality. Roewe 350 is a need to savor the car, described as the media is so "fine to the skinny, Petty to the soul." It rejected the common models the same level or lower, or the appearance of vulgar luxury, inherited the family of Flying-V Roewe classic design, with sharp eagle eyes headlamps and through the body of the high dimensional waistline. Into the car, large floating center console, small knobs, buttons, are very texture of their materials, and workmanship.

    Sound proofing of the car is a consumer test of the quality, an important part of vehicle quality. Benefiting from the wind tunnel laboratory of Tongji domestic industry's first science acoustic wind test, put forward the revolutionary Roewe 350 "super quiet" concept to allow consumers to experience "silence is golden," the true meaning.

    Appearance of this predicament, it is superior to the internal. Roewe 350 VTi full line carrying high-performance 1.5-liter engine, with five-speed manual gearbox and four SSG-speed multi-mode transmission, each with index of "five stars" to accelerate the steady shift smoothly, the city road driving, the "golden combination. Body size also outstanding, 2650mm wheelbase has made it into a quasi-B-class cars. Short overhangs allow interior space design is more comfortable, even three, one meter eighty the big man sitting on the back side by side, still able to stretch with ease. Five-star safety standards meet CNCAP safety equipment, in addition to standard have a variety of electronic security equipment, the six airbags, full-image backup radar, three child seat fixtures and other configurations are within reach to consumers, direct experience Roewe 350 in practical value.

    Scientific and technological achievements "time line" dream the Internet make the world "smaller", and people of the distances "near" the. The Roewe 350 for "car-free gap of communication between" the dream become a reality. InkaNet 3G network based on intelligent network traffic system to achieve three "full" - full-time online car life, all-powerful and efficient travel experience, all areas of communication space. Consumers in the car can be simultaneously real-time information retrieval, real-time traffic navigation, a key navigation, stock trading, the owner of the community and other operations, all are in a short span.

    Roewe 350 in the Internet technology is not simply to "smartphones" transplanted to the car to go, but the automobile and the Internet, fans have a double life and work habits to develop. Global Walkie-Talkie is a model for the waggon concept, the owners of all time and space to fill industry gaps intercom function. South Africa World Cup, soon, if we set car, called with the Roewe 350 riders watch the World Cup final, absolutely mission possible!

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