Roewe 350 - 13 Updates


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    Roewe 350 - 13 Updates

    Post by Windy on Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:17 am

    13 upgrades for the new 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS

    Intermediate mainstream car of the 3G era, the praise of is Shanghai Roewe brand car Roewe 350. This full-time online ever since the mid-market car launched won a lot of attention, their genetic and technological quality family cars are for the domestic auto market has brought a breath of fresh air. Today, the 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS and leisurely approaching. The new Roewe 350, compared with the old, in dynamic modeling, power control, safety quality, the four aspects of, adds a total of 13 upgrades, so that instantaneous acceleration technology, the life of unlimited expansion, enhancing the overall quality of cars.

    Dynamic model upgrades

    Roewe 350's stylish and elegant, yet dynamic details. In the 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS, this advantage is to continue to flourish. Before the new design optimized for Flying-V shape of the brand genes, with the notch waist, sexy and slightly upturned tail design, yet stable, dignified temperament totally natural fashion, ready to come out.

    In addition, motivated to increase the horizontal grille chrome bar grille also adopted under the new streamlined horizontal design, this design allows the front a more dynamic style, but also reveal a steady, majestic image of the family become more pronounced.

    Power control upgrades

    As a family car, enough to power the Roewe 350 drivers ride in the city forest. 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS dynamic aspects of the upgrade again, FV flow variable electromechanical steering system, LDC power than dual braking system, Bi-Thermostat independent double-layered cooling system, with a smooth shifting, self-learning AW 4-speed automatic transmission and Multi-Mode SSG high-performance five-speed manual transmission to provide you with a powerful combination of unprecedented driving pleasure.

    New models of tires and wheels have changed. 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS Centrino version, version information of two upgraded alloy wheels, paint the surface with a German import line for the automatic spray coating, corrosion resistance not only better, but lighter, faster, more secure; with matching All Season tires are effective users to experience the pleasure of driving in dynamic fashion.

    Security configuration upgrades

    In fact, the Roewe 350 is a very mature quality five-star safety award, and its two-star standard design principles, a wealth of active safety features as well as the new national patent MIA (Matrix Integrated Architecture) integration of body structure , are passengers in the car provides a full range of protection, even for infants and young children are also equipped with special protective measures.

    The upgrade, the Shanghai Automotive models to further enhance the security configuration. In the 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS Surf Control version, we can see that Shanghai Automotive was equipped with a TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, with ABS anti-lock braking system, CBC steering brake control system, EBD electronic brake force distribution system, CBC steering brake control system, BA brake assist system composed of six one intelligent active safety control system, full to ensure traffic safety.

    In addition, the 2011 version of the Roewe 350 PLUS Centrino also was equipped with a reversing radar, this radar uses skin matching design, detection range, detection range up to as far as 1.2m; new car reversing radar sensor software upgraded, can be ruled out rain, dirt interference, more sensitive to convey signals.

    Technology deployment upgrades

    InkaNet Intelligent Vehicle lane leading technology service system configuration, once so majestic 350 to become a rally across the technology age charm, while the 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS also continue to enhance this basic configuration. 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS upgrade to SurfControl 6-disc CD storage with a USB input for up to mass music storage support MP3, WMA, CD-DA play a variety of media formats; USB interface provides mobile phone charging function; also There is a very user-friendly features - the new car provides a speed and volume (Speed-Volume) linkage function, greatly improving traffic safety and human comfort.

    In addition, the 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS SurfControl upgrade set for the multi-function steering wheel control and Bluetooth mobile phone hands-free function; Centrino version, version information of the optional power sunroof and leather seats type ergonomics; 2011 Roewe 350 PLUS SurfControl version, upgrade information for the leather steering wheel Yi; SurfControl upgraded version of the driver's seat 6-way power and all-weather automatic climate control. A number of upgrades to enhance the Roewe 350 full-line scientific and technological content, but also for the occupants to provide a more user-friendly car care.

    The increase with 300,000 as the owner of the Roewe thanks giving, dynamic control, security, quality of care in four major areas of human 13 upgrade, enhancing the overall quality of all models. The leading wave of digital "full-time online family car", there will be personality once again the trend of design, exquisite interior process, a rich and wide range of technologies suitable for human occupants configuration space, leading the Internet era intermediate family car new standards

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