The new Roewe 750 1.8L Petrol Turbo Electric


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    The new Roewe 750 1.8L Petrol Turbo Electric

    Post by Windy on Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:55 pm

    The fastest accelerating Roewe 750 ever

    In recent years, the automotive industry's latest technology will not only faster acceleration and higher speed, lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions into the car manufacturers competing an important indicator of competition. From car travel to the super sports car, luxury car in the brochure are happy to flaunt their new products on to improve fuel efficiency and environmental protection and make new contributions to win socially responsible consumers. The domestic auto industry started late, and the international automobile manufacturers than in the development of new energy vehicles speed was significantly slower than in Europe and America. Just a few days ago, the domestic brands in the premium midsize not in a related product, until now the new Roewe 750 HYBRID hybrid version of the official market .

    Hybrid models available in the market now like to use the blue logo to highlight their special status, the Roewe 750 hybrid version is also true, but compared with other models was not much more. From the exterior, only the metal logo on the tailgate to disclose its own unique identity. Communication is the process of the factory, the official said, the media used in a number of vehicles ordered by leasing companies, so the body have been customized for the black color, is very low key.

    Roewe 750 hybrid model using industry known as parallel, mild hybrid technology, parallel hybrid's gasoline engine means that it can drive the motor vehicle, while the mild hybrid is that it not only has the automatic start-stop system , there is a power recovery system. Automatic start-stop system can automatically turn off when the vehicle is stationary, the instant when the re-start launch vehicles, thereby reducing severe traffic jam waiting for traffic lights and under the conditions of fuel consumption, according to estimates Roewe factory, only the technology, in everyday driving can four per cent cut in fuel consumption. The mild hybrid technology marks the power recovery system is idle or brake when the vehicle is recovered and store the excess energy, or need to speed up the time in the initial release of energy, to reduce engine load and also saves fuel consumption.

    The reason why the use of more junior hybrid technology, more of a factory that take into account the balance of the vehicle, including the technical reliability and market positioning. 1.8T hybrid version of the current public service and government of the purchase price only configuration similar to the regular version than the high of 1.2 million within three years will be able to basically save the fuel used to balance the higher the price difference. And now the use of more high-end hybrid technology, high cost in terms of the majestic, such products to the market, with prices of other vehicle parts, such as brand, appearance of the interior, with work expected to produce out of touch, loss of may be universal, it does not make sense.

    Interior and almost did not make any changes, only the more obvious changes are only hybrid version of the unique metal welcome pedal from light HYBRID words. Do not know the day before the drive, this line is to give the driver to bring the letter superiority or social responsibility.

    For an upgrade from the original on the basis of new energy cars, the exterior and interior, it did not constitute much of the appeal, or overturned Next, explain to you own this model in hybrid dynamic systems the details and settings.

    As mentioned earlier, the Roewe 750's parallel hybrid system has two power output device. Among them, the traditional gasoline engine, or is a major position. Follows the ordinary gasoline engine equipped with the 750 version of "Kavachi" engine, the engine maximum power output of 118 kilowatts, the power can be said that good performance in its class, but do not use too much because the latest technology, resulting in fuel consumption the larger. In addition, Continental's electric motor from Germany with up to 20 kW, 60 Nm maximum output power and torque. Motor torque also reflects the benefits to the hybrid version of the model's ability to accelerate, accelerate the achievement of zero to one hundred kilometers shorter than the normal version of 0.6 seconds, 10.9 seconds. Because this motor has a power output, but also with power functions, replacing the original generator, so it can be called hybrid motor.

    Hybrid motor at the rear of the engine through the belt and crankshaft connected. Hybrid motor connected to the orange high-voltage transmission lines and high-voltage lithium battery in the boot is connected, through which two wires, the electrical energy input will be collected, or stored electrical energy output.

    Speaking of cars behind the lithium battery, in fact, say not accurate enough. Large trunk of a vehicle factory metal box called "Power Box", which in addition to high-voltage lithium batteries, there are hybrid motor controllers and DCDC called "DC - DC" transformer.

    Among them, the high-voltage lithium powerful backing, it comes from a U.S. company called A123's, this well-known manufacturers in the country may not be high, but in lithium battery manufacturing and R & D, A123 in recent years has been at the forefront of the industry . Roewe with Continental motors and lithium-ion batteries with the A123 is not a coincidence, in 2007, General Motors Corporation in its technical cooperation with the A123 project is now using nano Roewe lithium iron phosphate battery, and ultimately led to this collaboration GM's Chevrolet Volt electric car production, in the process of cooperation and common, A123 partner is the German Continental company. Therefore, the Roewe hybrid technology should be used that is more mature and reliable.

    Hybrid motor controller is hybrid between the motor and battery "AC - DC" transformer. Can also be said to be an intelligent transformer, based on current vehicles on the kinetic energy it needs to change the hybrid model, the decision is outward or inward to collect the output power.

    DCDC's called "DC - DC" link to the high voltage transformer with 12V low-voltage lithium traditional lead-acid batteries. It is worth mentioning that the hybrid version of the Roewe 750 has two starting systems, including a complete motor from the hybrid, and the other is the traditional start of the traditional battery-powered machine. The main reason is so designed to take into account the operating temperature lithium batteries to zero at minus 30 ℃ on 60 ℃, in order to avoid the lithium battery may fail under extreme environmental limitations, it retains this traditional equipment.

    Mixed impact of mobile devices in addition to power the vehicle than there are spaces, Power Box Although there is no spare tire nest away children, but accounted for a larger trunk space, so that greatly reduced trunk space available.

    Trunk on the left there is a strange windshield washing liquid filler, it is understood the reason to move here purely helpless. To tackle the vehicle when using the automatic start and stop function, which requires part driven by the engine can not pump properly, the addition of electro-hydraulic power steering pump on the occupied part of the original location of the glass of water.

    There is a new electric pump parts gearbox hydraulic coupling. The regular version is still used in transmission 5-speed manual gearboxes. Do not know whether the future will be upgraded to 6 speed gearbox, a more optimized fuel economy.

    Like energy, tires can be! Roewe 750 hybrid version of the final energy weapon is designed for Michelin built a name PrimacyLc tires. Hybrid version of the selected 16-inch wheels are also able to reduce the fuel consumption of a modest means.

    Roewe 750 hybrid version of the body are equipped with energy-saving equipment can not be said to be armed to the teeth, but at least be regarded as exhaustive a. However, these devices are easy to gather together, to have to rely on the actual driving experience.
    Said first section of the city, stop-go urban road traffic, with the most is automatic start-stop system. Fear before the test drive in the green light, the car will not prompt the name. Later proved my worry is unnecessary. Before lifting the brake pedal within half a second after the car ignition will direct, while new to your right foot to the accelerator pedal when the vehicle has been used in the forward idle. As the use of electric vehicles will not start, and there is no gasoline involved in the process. So regardless of the response speed or smoothness commendable, will not give you trouble everyday driving. Also in the red light to give you an absolutely quiet during the car environment. But if there is parking like in neutral after the friends to pay attention, automatic start-stop system in the D file only take effect after you stop hanging file into N time, the engine will start automatically. Also in the add that automatically turn off the engine when the car air conditioning system is still running.

    Driving the process, the central dashboard display will show the work on the case of hybrid systems, with the lever behind the steering wheel can switch the screen, or let the system automatically switches to the most important piece of information.

    Can be clearly seen on this is to show the battery condition of the model. It is understood that the car is equipped with lithium battery good working condition is 20% to 70% of the time, so the same day test drive on the way, the instructions on the electricity grid and three four-frame between the two. The middle of the grid shows a small charge, the case of electricity, the greater the amount of instantaneous power or charge, is the more lights light up the strip. On the adjustment from the vehicle, the electric charge of the process and are relatively soft, to light up four light has been very hard for.

    Tachometer, there are two green lights also allows you to understand the current vehicle being used energy-saving features, automatic start and stop function is enabled, the "Auto Stop" is on, if the vehicle speed and speed are in a very state of the economy, or experience slow deceleration "ECO" light, the use of energy-saving mode.

    After a day's drive, including the stop and go city road, highway and rural road driving experience, driving slow, given the ultimate trip computer fuel consumption per hundred kilometers to 8.3 liters, has been much lower than ordinary models. There are other vehicles that day accompanied by better results, more fleet was measured on the highway, the new hybrid version of the 750 km fuel consumption of only 7.6 per hundred liters.

    Insert an aside, the test drive is the terminus of Shanghai Chongming Island, the island has matured rice, said to have personally received rice to the tourists the opportunity. Shanghai and the nearby city of two colleagues or friends may wish to take their children by car to the farm Chongming play music, but also let the children know what is the meaning of 粒粒皆辛苦 in the end.

    Roewe 750 as a SAIC's Roewe high-end products to market, Shanghai has always been popular with the party and government organs and departments to become the object of government procurement, business users also liked the Roewe 750 with a British-style appearance. But the larger engine power output while offering greater fuel consumption, often criticized by the user. The launch of the hybrid version is also very good solution to this conflict, to one year driving 20,000 km, than the regular version of the fuel savings on the value of 5,000 yuan, is the reduction of carbon dioxide has some social significance. It is understood that individuals want to buy 750 of the hybrid version of the book directly to the 4S shop, but do not enjoy the 32,000 yuan of state subsidies. The present situation seems the price of hybrid vehicles into the general consumer or hinder it a major obstacle to the family.

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