An update to the big plan


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    An update to the big plan

    Post by Windy on Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:32 am

    That's a lot of exports and a short time to achieve it elephant

    SAIC own strategy of three-dimensional layout to seize new energy commanding heights

    Took the lead onto a new level of 4 million vehicle sales in the domestic auto group SAIC through the collection of a new model of global advantage resources, a multi-layered, three-dimensional autonomous pattern of the initial shape.

    SAIC's self-planning, "12-5" during its own brand passenger car sales will reach 1 million, while commercial vehicle brands Maxus and SAIC-GM-Wuling have expanded autonomy and local research and development camp. SAIC executive vice president of Shanghai Automotive passenger cars, general manager of Chih-Hsin Chen said, to create a system of core competitiveness and enhance the brand image of its own brand of SAIC in the next five years is critical, SAIC has been fully prepared.

    Multi-level industrial layout

    In fact, SAIC's corporate strategy in recent years almost all around the independent innovation commence. Last year, the Roewe and MG, in succession to achieve the two new models MG3 and Roewe W5 listed to achieve full coverage of the mainstream market segments. MG5 and Roewe 950 has put on the market, the Roewe and MG further enhance the brand image in the domestic market.

    SAIC's own layout, Roewe, MG independent passenger car business, initially built in Shanghai led the independent development of Shanghai, Nanjing and the United Kingdom linkage system, continue to promote the five platforms of the traditional models. 22 vehicle projects, 13 of powertrain research and development projects. SAIC technical center are two floorplanning to optimize the technology center of the total investment of 4.4 billion yuan will be completed in 2013.

    In addition to the independent passenger cars, SAIC's Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida, Shanghai GM Sail explore the representatives of the independent research and development of joint venture brand, has just started, "Maxus" brand, marked SAIC in commercial vehicles on the layout.

    Seize new energy commanding heights

    SAIC's independent strategy, new energy vehicles is undoubtedly seize the weapon of the future development of the commanding heights. The overall objective of "12-5" in accordance with the new energy of SAIC, SAIC's new energy vehicles will reach 20% market share of domestic new energy vehicles.

    To this end, the SAIC development ideas of innovation inside and outside of walking on two legs ". SAIC crucial motor, electric control, battery "Sanden" bottleneck, has been initially built up a leading domestic tri-core technology R & D and new energy vehicles, key components system.

    SAIC official told reporters that the saving rate of more than 20% of the Roewe 750 hybrid cars have mass market, sales of more than 300 as of January 2012. This year, the Roewe E50 pure electric cars and 550 plug-strong hybrid cars have been the end of the trial, expected to debut this year, the market test.

    Overseas strategy starts

    Force in the domestic market at the same time, SAIC's overseas strategy also started simultaneously. In accordance with the goal of "12-5", SAIC plans to strive to overseas vehicle sales reached 800,000 in 2015, the last is the important year of the distribution.

    Shoulder its own brand of SAIC to develop the overseas market, the important task of MG in Britain last year after the successful listing, the Shanghai Automotive with MG as a platform for the global strategy into the formal stages of implementation.

    At the same time, SAIC and General Motors joint venture in India, China management team has been officially on the company day-to-day operations, and plans to start selling its first Wuling products in the Indian market this year.

    Chih-Hsin Chen seems the next five years, the focus of SAIC overseas markets in a planned and phased manner to overseas markets overflow, training to improve international business, which is the SAIC important step to multinational corporations shift.


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    Re: An update to the big plan

    Post by patpending on Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:36 pm

    MG as a platform for the global strategy...

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    Re: An update to the big plan

    Post by Windy on Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:15 pm

    SAIC passenger cars usheres in its second generation era

    Last Wednesday, SAIC passenger car collection of the world's leading resources to build the Roewe 950 officially on the market. The high-end public and commercial administrative vehicles, own brand, high-end models, these three seemingly contradictory in the current market environment, three key phrases in the Roewe 950 who skillfully combines.

    Understandable, the Roewe 950 represents the highest technical level of its own brand in the high-end models, an investment of 1.8 billion, which took three years to build, for excellence in all aspects of technology, styling, interior, SAIC people, the Roewe 950 is not only is a boutique high-end car is SAIC for the autonomy of a belief.

    45 billion to build its own brand of the future will form the platform of 7 products

    SAIC, China's first global ranking eighth Automotive Group, has determined that the future center of gravity will tend to develop their own passenger car brand. SAIC brand over the past five years of development has basically lay the foundation for frameworks, product depth to the various market segments. Even today, its own brand in the country facing poor market conditions, its own brand share gradually decline, but this obviously can not stop the pace of development of the SAIC passenger cars. Tens of billions of generous investment, R & D capabilities greatly enhance the integration of advantageous resources of the world's big brother, the SAIC has entered a new stage of development.

    British Rover part of the assets acquired in 2005, to determine to build its own passenger car brand, SAIC has spared no effort for the development of autonomous passenger cars.

    Chih-Hsin Chen disclosed that before the 12th Five-Year period, Shanghai Automotive will be the total investment in R & D $ 45 billion to build seven large platform, running to complete more than a dozen new models. Has invested 23 billion yuan, plans to cast 22 billion yuan, the goal is to reach the same to the joint venture's competitiveness. The current Roewe and MG dual-brand total of five large platforms, respectively, for the BP platform (Rong Wei 750), the IP platform (Rong Wei 550/MG6), the AP platform (Rong Wei 350/MG5) of ZP platform (the MG3) and SUV platform (Rong Wei W5) In 2015, SAIC passenger cars will be developed to 7 platform.

    The above figures demonstrate the firm determination and the right to support of SAIC building their own brands. Throughout all Automotive Group, only SAIC currently has such strength.

    A number of joint ventures, global automotive market leader General Motors and Volkswagen and Shanghai Automotive joint venture, relying on the accumulation of two Big Brother technologies, platforms, as well as management experience, Shanghai Automotive's own brand of SAIC and other compared to already has a very big advantage, SAIC is clearly satisfied here. According to Chih-Hsin Chen said SAIC continued investment in research and development will be expected to 2014, Shanghai Automotive product technology and the German public to achieve the same level, all models are equipped with direct injection engine and the DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission. 2014, will all launch of Germany's Volkswagen BlueMotion technology.

    4.4 billion to build China's largest technology research center

    Three linkage thorough completion in June next year.

    Next year, the country's largest technology center there is a fully completed and put into use, this is Shanghai Automotive has hit 4.4 billion yuan to build the Shanghai Automotive Technical Center, Technology Center headquartered in Shanghai Anting, has offices in Nanjing and Birmingham, UK, Shanghai The daily work of the Technical Automotive Center three linkage operation to achieve the advantage of complementary resources.

    Shanghai Automotive R & D total investment of 4.4 billion yuan, has invested 1.3 billion yuan. "We want to build China's largest and strongest technology center." Chih-Hsin Chen said all these years, the car in Shanghai, the United Kingdom, Nanjing technology center collaborative operations, three linkage to meet the requirements of multi-product development through the operation of the global integration continue to promote the traditional models of the large platform, 22 vehicle projects, 13 of powertrain research and development projects. SAIC, as a whole has a 2300 R & D team of excellent engineers, while the second phase of the Shanghai Automotive R & D center will be completed by June next year and put into use, when the Shanghai Automotive R & D center will become the country's largest and strongest R & D center. Chih-Hsin Chen said that in 2015, is expected to Shanghai Automotive R & D engineers team will be expanded to 3,500 people.

    Insiders said that SAIC passenger cars from the advent of the first camp of the domestic independent brand, their goal is to joint venture brands to compete. Recently, Chih-Hsin Chen in an interview, also said that joint ventures in China, R & D capabilities are concentrated in the body R & D, basic key technologies such as chassis R & D, these multinational monopoly "black box", while SAIC's own The brand can be done, you can master the core technology with independent intellectual property rights.

    Achievement of high accumulation of large investment

    SAIC official release brake

    Continuous large investments, and technical resources continue to accumulate, SAIC already to a new stage of development. SAIC passenger cars public relations officer summed up: "We have entered the 2.0 stage of development", the second generation of the product launch stage, however this is not a simple facelift and updating, which is a new vehicle platforms and new technology to put the era.

    By the end of March this year, SAIC Roewe 950 products to communicate at the meeting, Chih-Hsin Chen asked the SAIC development "phase" point of view, and before 2011, SAIC completed as planned the first phase of the own brand product layout to achieve a comprehensive coverage of all major market segments.

    2012 is centralized listing of new products of Shanghai Automotive will open a prelude to the launch of the second generation product.

    It is understood that throughout 2012, a total of 3 of the traditional automobile heavyweight new products listed in the next 2-3 years will also launch a variety of second-generation products. As the opening of the second stage of the SAIC Roewe 950 is SAIC in 2012, heavyweight new. This is dominated by the SAIC Technology Center, the new product of the integration of many of the world's development resources and shoulder the heavy responsibility to enhance the parent brand image; Another key new car is the replacement model of Roewe brand Roewe 550 new.

    In addition to the new vehicle platforms, SAIC passenger cars, with great concentration for many years to develop new technologies will be equipped models. 1.0T-1.4T small-displacement turbocharged engine, SAIC and GM for research and development will be the next two years invested in products of SAIC passenger cars. Prior to absorb the mass technology developed by DCT gearbox will be the second half of this year for the new Roewe 550 models.

    SAIC's new energy vehicles this year will also usher in a product release brake. In the second half of this year, SAIC will launch a pure electric cars Roewe E50, as well as the Roewe 550 plug-mixed version, will be basic to achieve full coverage of the new energy technologies.


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    Re: An update to the big plan

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