Chengdu motor show Interview


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    Chengdu motor show Interview

    Post by Windy on Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:29 am

    Chengdu motor show Interview

    Chinadotcom cars Chengdu motor show reports on the road, meaning the current momentum of the automobile market, although the overall environment is not good, but compared to last year is still growing, how to move on in an era of change is that we reflect on the issues. Even in the automobile market under bad environment, various car companies are still working to develop new products, actively expand the market and two or three lines in the West, they understand that in either case you must move forward, we have been on the road.

    Western market potential is attracting more auto manufacturers focus tilt, in 2012 under the background of the domestic automobile market remains in the doldrums, whether multinational brands, is also its own brand, want to further expand through Chengdu motor show's influence in the Western market. In Chengdu Auto Show media day day, SAIC MG Promotion Department of high Manager Li Mr in China network booth accept has China network car channel of scene interview, for auto show Shang MG brand brings of some column products, Li Manager to we of netizens do has detailed of describes; for MG brand future construction and Western automobile market of development, problem, Lee total also with China network car for has in-depth of Exchange. Following are CDC car 2012 Chengdu motor show: an interview with SAIC MG Promotion Department senior manager Mr Li memoir:

    Chinadotcom automobile: an interview with SAIC MG promote senior managers of the Department Li

    Chinadotcom cars: the CDC's friends Hello! Today we are very honoured to SAIC MG Promotion Department senior manager Mr Li Peng, Manager Li you.

    Li Peng: Hello.

    Chinadotcom cars: in our current Chengdu motor show we SAIC exhibited a lot of models, which the MG brand in the booth with those points, to our friends what?

    Li Peng: MG as SAIC roewe brand on this show going all out, brings the full spectrum of our current exhibition, MG, MG3,MG5, is also a mount a smart new car, we also represent the design style of England MG6, these three cars it can be said that our three year, continuous introduction of the three models. MG3,MG6 in the previous two years, including the first half of this year, recognized by the market. Especially the MG3, A0 class car on the market in the country, sales performance was also on the front two, we also have two models to Chengdu. Combined with our brand identity, we have to create some limited edition models, these members can be seen booth.

    Chinadotcom car: Chengdu motor show as we all attach great importance to, in fact, the automobile market of Western China, has special significance for automobile market in the country, what do you think of our Western markets, we MG brand for Western markets with special policy?

    Li Peng said: I think that any brand and focus on Western markets, have a special circumstance for MG, because from the SAIC, US national best selling, can be said to be two centres, one is the Shanghai Nanjing, which was originally a stronghold. In addition, for the greatest contribution to the MG is the Chengdu region, there are the two best dealer, new elements and the collection, made great contribution in the market. MG booth last year, sales exceeded 1000 in Chengdu, we are confident this year, our dealers are going all out, not only a benefit of our entire car range, can be said to be inexpensive, consistent with the image of the brand as a whole taking into account, of course. However, because our models, learn about our car people know, this is a quality, world-class quality, MG brand in Chengdu, Chengdu, we believe that this year's car show to do more good.

    Chinadotcom car: there are many international car companies, automotive field combined with Internet research and development work, we also IVOKA MG, so what about the highlights of what is unique in this regard?

    Li Peng said: starting from the roewe brand, at the time of first generation of product research and development, pay close attention to combination of car and the Internet. We are the first practical input in roewe 350, on-board is INKANET, it was introduced 10 years automotive Internet listing, that time can be said to be directly leads the automotive Internet, not only in China, can be said to be absolutely leading in the world. This product after three years of development, also introduced interactive systems, IVOKA we say with IPHONE phone relationship, there are a lot of smart terminal. In it, we IVOKA convergence of voice technology, with a lot of instruction language used to output to, using language to manipulate it, you can go to the navigation, you can play music, you can also search for information in real time, it can be said that is a technical highlights. We call this product, on fully with our intelligent platform technology, can be said to be the perfect combination. MG5 hatchback sporty foot products, it can be said to keen on trend of young people have a certain attraction. Precisely this group of people more concerned about, like, is IVOKA this combination of intelligent technology with our car the perfect, I believe that more consumers will fall in love with this car

    Chinadotcom car: we know MG sport and racing brand gene, active participation of the MG BTCC world-class competitions, then excuse MG inside the BTCC race what about performance?

    Li Peng: MG from birth onwards is that with the combination of sports and racing, it has participated in many famous races, including of course the BTCC. This year is our field in return to the BTCC after ten years later. MG brand we can say that is the most powerful car of the MG6, went to the BTCC races this year, its performance is very good. From first leg win in one fell swoop, including previous rounds of time, is by far in the standings. We believe that the MG6 with our fleet of tie is getting better and better, I believe within some time in the future, we will increasingly prominent, will also get more, including China, Europe, recognized MG6 in campaign specific advantages in terms of speed.

    Chinadotcom car: MG of our crowd is still relatively young, our participation in the BTCC race for our brand communications what the point?

    Li Peng: because in the whole of Europe, including the United States, including in other countries, like MG is very much, has been instilling in our crowd had an idea. We can do flatten, can afford to buy a sports car. But in fact, is speed, movement, or is the pursuit of pleasure, not really the rich can enjoy the civilians can also be affordable. MG is hope to this essence throughout has, including MG3,MG5, are has this gene exists of, including design, including in chassis, and hanging frame of carefree Shang, are is after full of strictly of test only launched market of products, this paragraph products not only hope European of people accept it, also hope China of increasingly more of young people can through MG of products, can obtained some trend fashion zhiwai, campaign passion of things.

    Chinadotcom car: we also learned that SAIC also launched "I search, love to travel" campaign, did give our users something about this activity?

    Li Peng said: this is the case, we MG5 April listing. We found a lot of people in life, in normal everyday life, focusing on the Exchange, because young people well, love to play, but coincidentally MG5 carrying IVOKA of voice interaction system, maximum functionality of the system, whether in the city, or other local when traveling, more convenient search tools that you like, even restaurants, transport facilities, or even include other buildings. Are available through a very intuitive voice to tell us, OK, where do I want to go to, where I liked. So we is combination has we latest of MG5, this year gold week special long why, estimated at least has eight days of time, we in national provides has 35 Taiwan of new of MG5 provides to all city, if China can has all city registration participate in this activities words, say I wants to to Chengdu, on has opportunities in Chengdu mentioned a Taiwan we provides of vehicles, in Chengdu free of seven days of since driving tour, this Taiwan car is for he using of. But reminding, award-winning friends to pay attention to safety.

    Chinadotcom Auto: Yes, in fact we understand that automobile market in the Western development of China's auto market is of special significance, we MG on the Western market is there any related special policy?

    Li Peng said: the markets we have constructed as a stronghold in the West, especially our two capable Distributor, we put some special concessions to them. Like the MG3, have launched our whole system of preferential measures, including price above, it is possible that drops below the minimum threshold of our car. Includes limited edition MG we showed at the scene are also taking advantage of the dealers in the US, since vehicle modifications, vehicle decoration, very experienced. Such as Southwest touring car race, is a dealer we took our first MG3SW, after alterations they take part in the competition, results have been very good. Believe these two dealers, more like our price offers available to other than the owners of the vehicles, can also provide some more personal stuff, this is precisely the MG brand, has been advocated by the personality. Personality everyone, how to behave yourself is different from other people. Just need you to advocate for yourself or want someone to help you to achieve. I believe in Chengdu, we fans of friends can find a more perfect Union.

    Chinadotcom cars: hot auto market this year we do not have in previous years, including restriction of Beijing, Guangzhou, two or three lines of urban decline in purchasing power, in such circumstances, MG how to improve product sales?

    Li Peng said: in fact slowly this year will join a growing number of cities to ease the congestion of the city, some restriction of the measures put in place, as a manufacturer, which couldn't make some comments or to view, because as the City Manager, there's always his considerations. But for automotive brands, some of us will continue to enrich our product line, enrich our advantages in services.

    We in service aspects, we know, we launched of MG House Czech repair, for MG brand, from last year began on launched has this service, if you of car needs maintenance, and needs maintenance of when, and you is no time to 4S shop, can playing 800 phone, we of service personnel immediately can to you home inside take car, repaired has yihou, then again to you sent back, these for Office workers is very facilitate of, this is we launched of some initiatives. Hope that through our quality cars through some skills upgrading of our services, or even additional products include our personalized, more consumers can choose our products constantly.

    Of course, the MG brand after all, 88 years of accumulation, hope more endorse our cultural roots in China of England, also hope to see more friends into the MG brand, MG owners group is very large, want to enjoy MG car friends all over the world brought about by cultural fun.

    Chinadotcom car: thank Li Manager to us today introduced the MG brand, it is a vibrant, filled with personalized branding, hope you come to our show booth, thank you very much.

    Li Peng: thank you very much friends.

    Chengdu Motor Show Shanghai Automotive Intelligence

    With the grand opening of the Chengdu Motor Show, the car manufacturers to bring the grand debut of star models, offer a gluttonous feast of the car industry for the majority of consumers of Chengdu. The Shanghai Automotive carrying MG Roewe dual-brand model minority sparkling debut. The MG brand smart hatchback Pioneer "MG5 the collaborative iVoka intelligent voice traffic system to attract the presence of all the media and audience attention. Roewe brand, "chief executive car Roewe 950 demonstrated the extraordinary quality of the new flagship model.

    Smart hatchback Pioneer + the the voice cloud driving system iVoka - MG5

    "Smart hatchback Pioneer" MG5 is a positioning stylish and affordable compact sports car blank fill the MG brand compact class hatchback market. The the MG5 continuation of the the MG brand design style, fashion, avant-garde, science and technology, highly dynamic, and for respect for individuality, the fashion tastes of consumers is an attractive models.

    This emphasizes the sense of movement and technology with smart hatchback Pioneer sedan, at the same time have the dynamic qualities intrinsic exquisite, precise control, multiple guardian, speech technology five gene. As the first intermediate hatchback launched by the Shanghai Automotive, its depth strengthen the brand essence of the personality, temperament, creativity, also equipped with a global the leading iVoka voice cloud driving system by 80 consumer living in today's Internet age groups vigorously sought, called many owners of holiday travel by car "smart weapon".

    MG5 equipped with intelligent voice interaction system is well received by the love of life, respect for freedom, love to travel by car owners welcome it with innovative voice, security insight, voice interaction, smart technology and powerful, bringing a new level of interactive experience of people and vehicles for the user. iVoka convenience of driving by car networking technology, voice calls, send and receive text messages, play music, and other functions to allow motorists to redouble security.

    The voice cloud driving iVoka in 2011 in Ninth China (Guangzhou) Automobile Exhibition debut that won the admiration and praise of the various media and the industry, by the consumer's attention and love, and winning the Guangzhou Auto Show The best leader in Technology Award ". iVoka a foothold in the local market, the new technology tailored for Chinese consumers. The voice cloud the driving iVoka completely break with tradition, so owners of the simplest, most effective language to communicate with the car, only needed by the owners of Mandarin instruction, you can perform various actions: "destination search, check flight, check the weather, play music ... all this as long as they move your mouth only, can be described as the total liberation of the hands and eyes of the owners.

    Smart and funny iVoka human oral design, users simply be called at any time in the car bored, intelligent human nature the voice cloud the driving iVoka will and owners interact, the owner said "I would like to listen to music." IVoka will be for You switch to the music selection interface. inkaNet music library rich in content, network owners can choose songs, USB devices, SD memory card and other sources of songs. The owners are free to say the name of the songs they want to hear, iVoka will record your preferences, and to recommend songs. IVoka, so intelligent and compassionate it driving partner, the way natural and ultimately, fun.

    By conversation with iVoka, between people and cars can achieve the interactive, in the extension of the basic properties of the car at the same time, changed the traditional habits of automotive consumers. With such a rich and wonderful entertainment applications the voice cloud driving iVoka its simple, quick voice interaction has become a mobile information platform to cater to the trend of the trend of the new generation of consumers for automotive information life pursuit. The voice cloud driving iVoka let your car entertainment life more colloquial, more comfortable and convenient.

    In addition, this section equipped with intelligent speech technology MG5 through from the beginning of the listing to travel to your city activities, the "i search · love travel activities start, more recruitment of MG owners to join the National Day Golden Week" Happy car life team, sharing a pleasant journey.

    During the auto show in Chengdu, all models of the MG brand launched the "2012 UK limited edition Price" limited "plus" 2 years 0 interest rates double value return is bound to set off a sales frenzy. British boutique cars the MG3 starting price of 56,700 yuan, down just 12,700 yuan! And launched 79,700 from the sale, down payment simply 16900 MG5 "2012 UK limited edition. MG6 has substantial discount, a minimum of 99,900 yuan, 20,900 yuan down payment. Models COOL a low super Madden price, additional preferential policies and subsidies, MG entire department "2012 UK limited edition portrait feedback Chengdu consumers, will inevitably lead to more consumers easily have MG.

    Shu enjoy technology - its own brand flagship + luxury executive car - Roewe 950

    Has been the domestic auto market is always more or less there is a "fawning" consumer psychology, as if imported the joint brand models always superior. In fact, after decades of independent innovation, domestic car makers have begun to have own brand. As the leader of the domestic automobile enterprises, the Shanghai Automotive has invested 23 billion yuan for the independent research and development, will spend 222 billion yuan during the "12th Five-Year" period, the cumulative total investment will reach 45 billion yuan, the layout the Shanghai Anting, Nanjing Pukou , British Longbridge ", a" China-led global linkage "grand design show in the world. And independent to the flagship Roewe 950, is born in this context.

    Roewe 950 is the second generation of the flagship model of the Shanghai Automotive. Relying on superior strength SAIC integrate global resources through strategic platform and technology sharing "Roewe 950 is the development of the world's leading strategic platform in Global E" chief executive car. " Leading international B + level model platform, the Roewe 950 innovative integration "TGI intelligent direct injection engine, the CONTI GEAR the 6 speed Sirou manual gearboxes", "Quad CAN-BUS multi-frequency body integrated bus system "and" ten one flagship security system "to lead the global automotive core technological change trends of the four global leader in technology. Powertrain, the Roewe 950 2.4 and 3.0 displacement models are used to lead the global engine of technological change the main trend of the TGI intelligent direct injection engine, can be transformed into one hundred million particles every drop of oil in the engine, and without effectively reduce the fuel consumption of 3% and 25% cold-start emissions under the premise of reducing power torque; At the same time, the 3.0L V6 TGI intelligent direct injection engine output maximum power of 190 kW / 6800 rpm and maximum torque of 296 Nm / 5600 rpm surging power, the camp of high-end models in the the strong forest B + level, can also be called leaders.

    Intelligent direct injection engine with TGI perfect pairing Roewe 950 Satin new generation of embedded control modules CONTI GEAR 6-speed tiptronic gearbox. Through the use of a single-shaft design and high-precision gear set, the gearbox has a small size, light weight, low noise, high stability, shift smoothly and so many advantages. Such "golden power portfolio enables five meters long by car Roewe 950 is completed in 8.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h acceleration and constant speed 100 km fuel consumption of only 6.5L achieve the harmony and unity of the dynamic performance and energy-saving emission .

    Field of electronic technology, Roewe 950 using the four-way multi-frequency the body integrated CAN-BUS bus system, powered by the world's first four sets of body control unit, a low, medium, high frequency transmission speed, control, engine management bus chassis brake systems, multimedia entertainment system, and vehicle safety systems, to achieve the most accurate and sensitive information transfer and comprehensive real-time monitoring of vehicle; driving on the way to make any driving needs can be rapid and efficient response.

    Safety technology, the Roewe 950 to the positioning of the B + level models of executive-level luxury vehicle safety standards. Roewe 950 in four body CAN-BUS multi-frequency integrated bus system based on the latest ten integrated the flagship security systems "coverage of ABS, EBD, TCS, CBC, VSC, MSR, EBA, the HA TPMS, EPS Ten safety technology. Particularly worth mentioning is that the Roewe 950, made a comprehensive breakthrough in the manufacturing process. Entire vehicle applications precision manufacturing process of the world's highest intensity, up to 6800 solder joints, 35% higher than the general vehicle; roof to achieve a total length of 3260mm coherent laser welding technology; vehicle use up to 67% or more of ultra-high-strength and high strength steel, the yield strength of up to 1250 MPa.

    In addition to the Roewe 950, Roewe brand Roewe 350,550 rare two models, occupies a pivotal position in the Class A Jiajiao market. In as a Jiajiao, Roewe 350 security unique; the Roewe 550 places 1.8T excellent power occupy the market opportunities. Both Jiajiao value promotions, super bottom down payment of only 18,000, and 0 interest rates and fees, so you have no pressure "Share" easily, do not hurry up!

    Shanghai Automotive has always been committed to meeting the needs of many consumers, excellent product quality and after-sales service of high quality intimate, making the Shanghai Auto series models have been in the Southwest market has a loyal consumer groups. Can imagine, each series of promotions, the Shanghai Automotive launched in Chengdu Motor Show scheduled will set off a craze.

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