MG5 Test Drive


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    MG5 Test Drive

    Post by Windy on Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:11 pm

    MG5 Test Drive

    MG brand the domestic first-class compact coupe, which is traveling the young artists, but also take into account the practical worth playing with the exquisite car?

    MG already 90 years old, but its new car the MG5 look still like a handsome guy on the T-Taiwan show, yuppie charm.

    "Appearance Association" sing the main theme of the era, if not the point of "foreign" background seems embarrassed to say hello and consumers, so many brands are spared no expense, the new car is handed over to a third-party team overseas design. Belong to its own brand of MG5 is a special case.

    【The MG5 modeling dynamic lines sketched full of tension, at first glance will be able to feel the young energy of the MG family]

    The MG5 vest SAIC , is an out-and-out of the own-brand models, but I think it is the the own brand descent "most foreign" models. As early as in the beginning of the acquisition of MG, then NAC retained in the British design team of the original cast, then prescient, so the British design team to advance the completion of the the MG5 shape design and full-size clay model. , MG5 naturally enjoy the development process of the internationalization of England the whole class design team to ensure its international image.

    It can be said, the start since the launch of the first MG MG6 as SAIC acquired NAC new car, the Roewe and MG dual-brand strategy has begun to appear. Roewe brand comfortable with the atmosphere, to launch home-style sedan , while MG main movement and vitality, the flagship hatchback version of the shared platform strategy.

    【The MG5 cold eyes very mention gas children lens headlamps can provide sufficient lighting effects]

    【Rear significantly tilted backwards tail shape a separate faction, and the face shape of the pediment echoes]

    When I first saw the MG 5 and found that it has with the distinctive characteristics of the family. The narrow front face of the grille and sharp headlights blend, is exactly the same with the MG6 design techniques. The MG5 rear significantly tilted back tail shape is clearly a separate faction, and echoes the shape of the face of the pediment.

    Relative to radical color is worse than the tail of the front face, MG5, angular lines take the trouble looming interpretation of the movement of temperament. The peculiar shape of the taillights also full of personality, slightly smoked four groups of high-brightness LED emitters are placed in the shade of black design , in fashion at the same time, the MG 5 enough eye-catching at night.

    Slightly wrong with the bumper , set here a huge black spoiler and trapezoidal exhaust tailpipes, but over on to mention external expansion tactics, but losses of MG5 " small steel gun "heavy feeling. Fortunately, the taillight design it pulled back a lot of points, especially smooth without losing the three-dimensional shape is like a beautiful pair of ruby, although less popular LED elements, but in no way was low-key.

    MG brand in the domestic first-class compact coupe, which is traveling the young artists, but also take into account the practical worth playing with the exquisite car?

    In the interior, the MG 5 before the launch of the MG3 and MG6 With many enhance a variety of flow lines and linear combinations, so that the the MG5 overall interior is quite stylish. MG5 interior multiple panel covered the mountains texture, strong sense of hierarchy.

    [IVoka can be specified with voice control navigation, it makes me think of the newly hatched OnStar always wanted to make a phone call to talk to two]

    However, MG5 interior also undoubtedly the center console design the place with the highest score. Flexible packaging material delicate touch in the center console, but the most wins the eye is still the same iVoka large-screen navigation. Set is similar to the system we have seen in the Roewe 350 above, but iVoka the human-computer interaction function has been greatly improved after comprehensive upgrade, interface Android-based, network-based Unicom 3G signal, so a lot of Android phone friends see the interface iVoka feel. iVoka voice to read and write SMS are alone, the recognition rate is also very gratifying that it play a "love" iVoka surprising responded by saying "you taste good", it is said that it will be added to in the future can identify Cantonese and Sichuan dialect dialect version, is a magical machine.

    New Fox 's SYNC system, car voice control system the widespread recognition rate is not high. But I found the larger wind noise even in the open window, iVoka can still ensure that more than half of the recognition rate, and looking around one week, I did not even find a microphone in the carriage. Later, and SAIC is responsible for research and development engineers to communicate only that, MG 5 in early development does iVoka. done a lot of testing, which is important as an indicator when traveling in the windows that open, you can still have a high recognition rate . 80 generally has an innate good impression on the iPhone and HTC smart phones, self-taught, and iVoka just to meet their requirements for car entertainment features.

    SAIC's latest man-machine voice interaction system, and its predecessor is the previously Roewe 350 are used inkaNet system, but now it has been upgraded to version 2.0, and have a more western names: iVoka. Commercially available models of a completely supports Mandarin Chinese man-machine interactive multimedia system in the country is also rare, currently, even if it is a powerful iPhone 4S Siri system, but also do not support the Chinese voice, even though it has in China very large sales.

    Unicom 3G network, iVoka can complete the liberation of the driver's hands and eyes, just press the steering wheel "SRC" button, the background system will automatically connect to the cloud through the cloud terminal via voice, you can check the country of any call intelligent cloud terminal a local weather, check stock, the fund's real-time information query flights ups and downs state, and so on. In this way, the driver can concentrate all their attention on driving, take the initiative to reduce the probability of accidents.

    MG brand in the domestic first-class compact coupe, which is traveling the young artists, but also take into account the practical worth playing with the exquisite car?

    To do your homework before the test drive , advance listing of MG 5 is just a Roewe 350 80 kilowatts 1.5 liter naturally aspirated models, with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission . If the view only from MG5 carrying amount of data, it's a lot of parameters in the same level opponents is not in a dominant position, and now the MG5 opponents tend to push back stronger sense turbocharged engine , gear more automatic transmission , even eager to hope that the introduction of direct injection plus dual-clutch gold portfolio.

    But when I really sit in the driver's seat, wear seatbelts to toggle Danggan and the lightly oiling and the very abundance MG low twist throttle sense of proportion is also very good and easy to use. MG5 flagship transmission from Japan Aisin four-speed automatic transmission , and although there is no manual mode, but in fact we all understand the function of the "tasteless" is not commonly used in everyday driving, not to mention the gearbox L low gear and second gear mode has been provided to avoid gear beating applies to stable driving on downhill or slippery road, four-gear manual mode is not meaningful. To know the big-selling Toyota RAV4 four-speed automatic transmission, but almost did not hear a few complain RAV4 less gear tuning is the key.

    MG the automatic transmissions adjustment is not unexpected, the the deep pedal engine will actively downshift, I have to "flutter" out of the posture; hope upshifts closing kick oil, transmission is also smart to upshift to conserve fuel , idle noise performance is satisfactory, can hardly hear the engine sound inside the car without excessive jitter, start engine ride, power output is not unexpected feeling.

    Double barrel dashboard has a strong visual impact]

    This adjustment is still rather play the cool taste, is to meet the young driver. However, the high-speed engine noise is not pleasant, but also to remind you to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. The smaller engine displacement of 1.5 liters , after paragraph insufficient power reserve, sustained sense of acceleration is not strong, it seems that mainly focus on the day-to-day low torque performance engineers tuned MG engine. The only complaint is the double barrel of the dashboard instrument panel, the red zone on the tachometer deliberately used the red-orange with bright colors to create a sports atmosphere, but its exquisite sense of how high.

    Shanghai elevated road, the MG5 The throttle response is very positive, the speed sustained above 3500 rpm, the engine whistling sound very fun, instant passion will be ignited, but this situation will remain only a few seconds, after which you will find It's just thunder, little rain fills by the displacement of the restrictions the ruthless step on the gas and not in exchange for continuing to push back a sense. That's when I complained slightly about the MG 5 really add a cruising gear, and look forward to future MG5 1.5T with the six-speed automatic transmission version, not only more fuel-efficient high-speed cruising, dynamic performance with affordable MG5 pull The appearance of the wind.

    MG brand in the domestic first-class compact coupe, which is traveling the young artists, but also take into account the practical worth playing with the exquisite car?

    Although born in China, but the the British descent MG 5 but retained adjust the style of European cars has always been solid and steady. The MG5 after suspension structure is common models of this price torsion beam semi-independent suspension, tuned by the engineers and Britain, showing a deep foundation, good short Coincidentally tail tracking sexual with steering servo sensitive, but not the expense of stability and accuracy, frequent and lines in the city is very helpful.

    Test drive site to a slightly faster speed cut corners, MG5 body roll minor after will be decisively suppressed suspension to provide adequate support. Some Goukan when small potholes are weakening, but the road feel and not too much is lost, is not sensitive to the people irritable and just the right trade-offs between appropriately.

    Has been through the sound of the door switch determine the tightness of a car, this earth approach, although just a rule of thumb, not very scientific, but you can be more visually determine the level of noise a car. In line with our the photographer repeatedly on and off, I found the MG 5 closed feedback sound simply agile, "bang" gives more confidence. Change to the actual road, MG5 also generally satisfactory noise control the heavy chassis block the incoming road noise, had strict discipline to be released until the engine speed increased to 4000 rpm or more when there is obvious noise off .

    【The MG5 The seat no special features, not worth showing off the backrest and body fit is very good, wrapped and softness will not let the long drive after complaining about back pain]

    Have to say a good , MG 5 seat wrapped cushion more rigid long ride will not feel back pain. The rear space to my pleasant surprise, my photographer Li Xiao height more than 180cm in to ensure we were comfortable in the front row space under the premise still MG5 rear leg and head room than I often sat Golf 6 also spacious enough.

    Test drive after many of my friends have privately asked me the MG5 how to. I feel that we can recommend it to their friends. The MG5 is to me the biggest surprise of a MG models. Continuation of a tradition of MG cars still modern avant-garde design , interior work remains to be improved, but in the design style into the mainstream, comparable to a lot of "big" joint-venture model iVoka equipped attract young one of the highlights of the people, while in the control on MG5 superior compared with two other brothers in the family, MG5 suspension tuning tough, although the original with Maxxis tires tire noise is slightly larger, but slightly more intense some driving it can take on, in line with the positioning of the the MG 5 sports compact car , but also to please the young and fashion consumers.

    Open on the East Third Ring Road in Beijing Ferrari will not necessarily faster than the small Alto , choose their own is the best. MG5 emergence of domestic consumers have the opportunity to re-examine their car needs, do not entangled in the daily itemized comparison of various parameters on the automotive Web site , shape enough to pull the wind, enough power, not to mention the car also can have a dialogue with you the car iVoka, day MG5 with swing, no longer lonely.

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