Hu Maoyuan: China Business Daily 2012 Person of the Year


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    Hu Maoyuan: China Business Daily 2012 Person of the Year

    Post by Windy on Fri Jan 11, 2013 5:38 am

    A worthy award for succeeding where all the competition have been failing - to turn a major Chinese business into an international one, still a long way to go but the competition are all still more or less at their starting blocks!

    Hu Maoyuan car was "China Business Daily 2012 Person of the Year

    Automotive Man of the Year Award went to the annual period.

    Like the selection of the first five years, every year, we will focus from the global, and in accordance with the changes in the political and economic environment, the selection criteria of more attuned to the times. Complex domestic and international situation in 2012 exception, confirmed in the Chinese automotive confirmed in China's auto leaders how to render?

    From an international point of view, under the impact of the financial crisis in the world's political and economic landscape is undergoing profound changes, business competition and survival of exceptionally difficult; From a domestic perspective, after eighteen major new policy direction and a new way of economic regulation, will determine the next 10 years Chinese economic trend. China to return to the era of the real economy, the industry is of the view that China's reform and opening up 30 years since the most important to adjust the restructuring period.

    In this context, the real economy as the important the support entity automotive industry, our Person of the Year is the key word - innovation and internationalization. We believe that the two key words that allow the Chinese car industry to find their place in the world, and not just the scale of victory performer.

    This year, only one vote, "China Daily" and "car people" magazine co-invest in the SAIC chairman Hu Maoyuan.

    The performance of enterprises, usually are the best proof of the ability of business leaders.

    SAIC sales vehicle in 2012 amounted to 4.49 million, a year-on-year growth of 12%. In the general downturn in the domestic independent brand in the market environment, SAIC passenger car brands to achieve annual sales of 200,000, with sales of 20 billion "double breakthrough.

    According to third party research, SAIC passenger cars Roewe the MG two brands in the country has been the first to establish own brand of high-end, the Roewe brand awareness has been raised to 93.4%, MG also rapidly increased to 84.4%; terms of products, along with recent years Roewe 750, 550,350, W5 and MG7, MG6, MG3 and many other products have been introduced, own brand basic layout, completed the first phase and to achieve full coverage in the mainstream market segments.

    Meanwhile, in accordance with the principles of "independent innovation, internal and external integration, walking on two legs", "Three" bottleneck the SAIC crucial motor, electric control, battery, has initially built up a leading tri-core technology R & D and new energy vehicles key parts system.

    The local market is just one aspect, whether obtained in the overseas market vitality, is a severe test of Chinese car.

    In December 2012 the SAIC, Thailand Chia Tai Group announced that it will jointly startup based in Thailand, the ASEAN automobile development strategy. Cooperation with the Chia Tai, SAIC's first foreign joint venture company in its own brand name, is not only a key part of SAIC own brand into the international layout is also an important step to develop the Asian market.

    With the establishment of the joint venture in Thailand, SAIC's export strategy, has moved from the "inward internationalization, went to a more substantial outward internationalization internal control to the external supply chain management, brand building, SAIC brand will accept a new challenge in a foreign country. Meanwhile, SAIC overseas business also clear the "legs" to walk the path. First, look for partners overseas strength, to jointly develop the market; addition, cooperation with GM will continue, and is in talks with SAIC brand in some overseas markets may.

    China's three major automotive groups, the ability to learn the most SAIC Shanghai Shanghai culture, which may have their international business philosophy can quickly learn, the more refined. "Even competitors, but from China a person of the mainstream Automotive Group, led by Hu Maoyuan SAIC, still fully affirmed.

    Opportunities is fair to everyone, it is important that the transcendence of the mode of thinking. To think only in the new space and height to achieve transcendence, rather than simply imitate. Hu Maoyuan has been doing so.

    Chinese car to catch up with the global speed, must be in the global perspective, analysis of local enterprises new opportunities and new challenges, new positioning is the basis of local enterprises; looking for growth opportunities in the global perspective, on a global scale integration of resources, global resources to boost the rapid growth of local enterprises.

    For example, in R & D, Shanghai, Nanjing, and the United Kingdom linkage own brand of R & D system has initial shape, nearly 3,000 engineers by the global integration of the operation of multi-product development. According to the plan, in 2013, a total investment of 4.4 billion yuan of the technology center will be fully completed, will become the leading vehicle research and development center.

    The Shanghai "be tolerant to diversity, the pursuit of excellence, enlightened wisdom, humble atmosphere" the spirit of the city, has accelerated the process of globalization of SAIC, how to do an excellent dancer worldwide, how the globalization of enterprise genes injected into Chinese enterprises , a test of the ability of managers. Almost all automobile multinationals have penetrated to the Chinese, but still there are a lot of local car stick to the "China's response to the global" mindset.

    Hu Maoyuan frankly, SAIC has positioned itself as the international Automotive Group, but the road to go international, facing multiple pressures, mainly from state-owned enterprises mechanisms shift, the technology research and development capabilities and capital operation ability. "From the perspective of enterprise development, especially after internationalization, management style more demands rational, rather than rely on perceptual rely on the system, the system of values ​​to guide the business." - This is Hu Maoyuan for SAIC to build the core management capacity.

    Joint venture partners, or restructuring enterprises, Hu Maoyuan insist on cooperation and win-win "business relationship in the process of participation in the global competition, look at the issue, by standing on each other's point of view, to seek long-term cooperation and win-win globalization are shared results. However, strong as Hu Maoyuan, he will not be the future development of enterprises completely in the hands of the partners, the question of principle, never compromise and always at the most appropriate time, according to the progress of the development of the enterprise, one by one perfect path of globalization ...

    The "We, Western learning East with, the global response to global." Hu Maoyuan innovative ideas, SAIC will lay the GeZongLianHeng worldwide, one of the foundation of the world stage.

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