Updated Roewe 550 on sale


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    Updated Roewe 550 on sale

    Post by Windy on Fri May 03, 2013 6:24 am

    SAIC Roewe brand new 550 listing tomorrow, price will be lowered

    Following the Shanghai Auto Show starting debut, SAIC Roewe new 550 models will be tomorrow (May 4) in Shanghai market. Whole new generation Roewe 550 models officially unveiled the new car in the exterior, interior, power upgrade. In addition, we also informed that the new Roewe 550 1.8L, Kai Zhen version, 1.8T product Zhen version Price were 146,800, 161,800 yuan, compared to the current model were reduced by 3,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan.

    The new Roewe 550 attaches great importance to the continuation of the style, such as combination headlight facelift, but still be able to see the shadow of the current model. The upper edge and the outer contour of the headlights did not change in the new models, so you can continue to use the existing hood and side fender parts. Light group functional layout changed little, is still outside of the lens near the light group, a major upgrade is the increase in the bottom of the inside of the high beam is composed of five LED daytime running lights. Air intake grille the same overall style, the middle of three chrome bar grille with the radian more uniform parallel design, it is the lower part of the two grid size longer, more atmospheric front face. U-shaped profile in the region between the lower bumper grille and fog lamps are more prominent, the size of the fog lights further lengthened short, the new Roewe 550 models in the tradition of reflecting the changes.

    Interior part of the center console in the case of the same general style reflects the progress, the dashboard becomes concave bucket style design with silver border. At the same time, Start - Stop digital intelligent start-stop energy saving system, shaped multi-mode HID xenon headlights, SCS-III ten one safety control system, EPB digital intelligent electronic parking system are equipped with.

    Match the upgraded transmission, air conditioning system panel ECON energy-saving mode, can bring more economic fuel consumption performance. Makes the surface of the case with electronic parking brake system to replace the traditional lever handbrake area cleaner, and before the Beijing Auto Show (microblogging) released the Pentium B90, Changan Rui Cheng models, electronic parking brake has become a high positioning of own-brand cars configuration trend.

    Configuration, the new Roewe 550 were fully upgraded. The new Roewe 550 equipped with a domestic in its class for the first time with the digital intelligent start-stop energy-saving Start-Stop system; EPB digital intelligent electronic parking system, LED running lights, the light guide taillights, Configurable color custom digital instrument system configuration new Roewe 550 standard. Has also become the new Roewe 550 standard. In addition, the new Roewe 550 is also equipped with the iVoka intelligent voice cloud driving system, practical, intelligent, entertaining ideas penetrate into the lane all aspects of life.

    Power section, the new Roewe 550 will follow the currently equipped with 1.8L the 1.8T Both engines 1.8L engine 98kw/6000rpm maximum power, maximum torque 170Nm/4800rpm '; the 1.8T engine maximum power 118kw/5500rpm, maximum torque of 215Nm / 2500-4500rpm, but will dress up a 6-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission. This and the new Roewe 550 in addition to the conventionally powered version, but also increase the hybrid models, 1.5L VCT engine and motor with a mixed dynamic mode.

    Source: http://auto.changsha.cn/h/126/20130503/1244766.html

    New Roewe 550 Shanghai Motor Show to take the six-speed dual-clutch

    Car to explore] April 20, 2013, the 15th Shanghai International Auto Show. SAIC's second-generation strategic model - the new Roewe 550, the strength of the Shanghai Auto Show debut E1 booth. At the same time, has just won the "singer" champion popular combination of Yu Quan new Roewe 550 the first batch of the identity of the owners who rushed to the Roewe booth, cheer cheer masterpiece of China's own strength. International Auto Show this for the world stage, the new "power", is in a strong attack posture towards the middle of the stage.

    The new Roewe 550 based SAIC's first international leader in the the DIS all-digital simulation development system to create a new model, not only have a world-class product quality, but also the highest scientific and technological content of the major market segments in the domestic A + class car, the strongest level of technology models, in one fell swoop to subvert the traditional standards of the mid-size car market.

    In the new Roewe 550 is equipped with a number of leading-edge technology, the oil cooler TST 6-speed dual-clutch system is undoubtedly the most eye-catching. The new Roewe 550 compared to the traditional AT automatic transmission models widely used in the market, equipped with TST 6-speed oil-cooled dual-clutch system both in terms of handling, comfort or fuel economy, etc. have a substantial lead. Roewe TST 6-speed oil-cooling system uses a dual-clutch wet dual clutch structure type, can withstand 360N ultra-high torque output, higher stability and reliability, so that consumers can enjoy the peace of mind brought about by the new Roewe 550 new car experience .

    As a new generation of all-digital car ", the new Roewe 550 more responsive to the current 80 mainstream consumer groups for the pursuit of the intrinsic quality of the car and the desire for new technology. He will be part of high-end luxury models only configuration, a mid-size car standard configuration, its equipped with a new cross-level science and technology, redefines the standard of the mid-size car. For example, equipped with a domestic in its class for the first time with the Start - Stop digital intelligent start-stop energy saving systems, domestic equipment of this technology is just a marketing vehicle Mercedes-Benz, BMW and a few other luxury brands; EPB digital intelligent electronic parking car system, LED running lights, light guide taillights, Configurable color custom digital instrumentation systems and other luxury models appears only in the high-class car with a joint venture brands, has become the new Roewe 550 standard.

    With the disruptive innovation of digital technology evolution DIS development platform, brand new Rong Wei 550 to representatives of the current car industry Digital Technology forefront of the development trend of the D5 II product advantages really do, show the Chinese scientific and technological content of the brand the highest product strength, more beyond a similar joint venture brands of products, called the rise of Chinese cars on behalf of the force.

    As can best represent its own brand of "power", the new Roewe 550 is positioned in such a group has its own revival Dream 80: they have ripped up the past been given the label of the "Beat Generation" to become to promote social progress and the mainstream; their own way to express patriotism; They are convinced that only their own powerful, is the patriotic performance; they change in China for the Chinese creation efforts, they shouted domestics when Self-patriotic aspirations. Aggregated into a new force them together!

    Designed for this group of people, the new Roewe 550 is a can reflect the strength of their patriotism. In terms of appearance, power, or leapfrog configuration, he is a midsize sedan with international standards, high technology content, strong technical reliability, product quality excellent, enough to span the same level, to compete joint venture, with an absolute strength highlight the real rise of China's own brand repairer capacity.

    We believe that the "new you" effort to build a new Roewe 550 in China's automobile market will form a powerful new force "!
    Source: http://www.feelcars.com/20130421/c201077649.shtml


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    Re: Updated Roewe 550 on sale

    Post by Windy on Sat May 04, 2013 1:58 pm

    New Roewe 550 Launched in front of over 10,000 fans

    May 4, 2013, in the Shanghai Performing Arts Center? "New Chinese forces? New Roewe 550"? Yu Quan Shanghai concert atmosphere off the charts, gathering and presenting 80 new Chinese forces in a landmark event. More than 10,000 fans watching at the venue, in addition millions of internet viewers, inspired after 80 generations of young people, "Yu Quan" combination of passionate singing, SAIC second-generation strategic new products Roewe 550, the second generation of portable digital car technology D5 II market, the midsize sedan market thus was born a new protagonist!

    The SAIC Group Co., Ltd., executive vice president, general manager of Passenger Vehicle Company Chih-Hsin Chen commented: "The new Roewe 550 SAIC a 80 consumers create a new strategic model, with the world-class product quality and technology content, redefines new standard for mid-size car market. "as the highest scientific and technological content of the A + mainstream market segments, the strongest level of technology models, the new Roewe 550 will debut at the 2013 Shanghai International Auto Show was awarded the "2013 Shanghai International Auto Show The best upcoming New Car Award" winning market most anticipated Class A +. SAIC second-generation strategic model listed, marking China's auto industry in the innovation and development of the road and on a new level. Adhere to the international development of the Roewe brand first to set aside the passive mode, embarked on a "In the Raiders market the sound development of the fast lane, SAIC Passenger Vehicle Company has become one of China's automotive industry to meet the market price" shares rise of a strong and unstoppable force. "

    The listing of the new Roewe 550, a total of seven models, respectively to carry 1.8DVVT and 1.8T two high-performance engines, two transmissions with TST 6-speed oil-cooled dual-clutch and 5-speed MT, prices from $ 118,800 to $ 182,800.

    To technology Raiders markets, leapfrog configuration pilot digital age

    SAIC strategic model of the second generation product, the "second generation full-time digital car Roewe 550 has a disdain for the peer models force absolute advantage, the Chinese brand truly heads held high, achieve" technology Raiders market ".

    The new Roewe 550 is SAIC's first DIS-based all-digital innovation development system to build the models, from R & D to manufacturing, to achieve the "all-digital", the research and development of standards and manufacturing standards have been greatly improved. They carry D5 II digital intelligent systems, even based on forward-looking technological breakthroughs leading mid-size car trends, the technological level of China's auto and technology content is raised to a new level, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the force advantage.

    The new Roewe 550 is equipped with the 1.8T and 1.8DVVT two aluminum high-performance engine, power surge, and more suitable for Chinese road conditions; TST 6-speed oil-cooled dual-clutch transmission system is the new Roewe 550 biggest highlight of the joint venture only in high-end models used only on wet dual-clutch mode, higher heat resistance, stability and reliability, and bear 360N.m of ultra-high torque output, the transmission efficiency of more than 90%, resulting in handling, comfort and fuel economy and other areas are substantially ahead.

    New Roewe 550, along with many high-end digital configuration appears on luxury models, including the "Start / Stop digital intelligent start-stop energy-saving system", "EPB one-button electronic parking system"? And "Configurable color definition of digital instrumentation system "have become the new Roewe 550 standard, especially the" Start / Stop digital intelligent start-stop energy-saving system, enabling consumers to enjoy cutting-edge technology at the same time, effectively reducing the fuel consumption and carbon emissions, fully embodies the sense of social responsibility of energy saving and environmental protection .

    The data show that the new Roewe 550 in fuel consumption than the previous generation decreased by more than 15%, the fuel consumption of 1.8L displacement is almost the 1.5L displacement on the market mainstream models, truly a perfect unity of driving performance and fuel economy.

    In addition, the new Roewe 550 mounted inkaNet a 3G? Digital intelligent network traffic system, covers the full range of voice control, infotainment, driver information, traffic control and rescue assistance data mobile Internet service function, easy consumer information technology, intelligent cars life.

    So to speak, the new Roewe 550 as a "second-generation full-time digital car, will leapfrog the digital intelligent configuration, pilot digitization car era.

    80, the definition of the new Roewe 550 mid-size car new benchmark

    As a "second-generation full-time digital car outside the new Roewe 550 forged from super high-tech and technical level force, but also has a surge the young vitality upward temperament of the times, for consumption after 80 tailored to groups of high-quality midsize sedan.

    From 2008, the first generation of Rong Wei 550 listed to today's brand-new Rong Wei 550 debut, just five years, while Roewe 550 continue development to achieve a breakthrough of the 80 generation also has increasingly grow and already went to the center of the social stage, become a mid-size car market, mainstream consumers.

    Was born in the era of China's rising power in the reform and opening up, grew up in the era of rapid development of the Internet in China, 80 by virtue of the efforts of hard-working, self-reliance spirit, has cut a striking figure in all areas of society and expose the achievements and influence should not be overlooked. Can say that 80 is their strength, and served as a rising power "to show the world! As the mainstay of China's social well-deserved 80 impact on China now, and will also decide the future of China, for the new needs of mid-size sedan will inevitably rewrite the standards of the mid-size sedan.

    In this case, the new Roewe 550 came into being, to create rising power "after 80.

    Unlike other consumers, 80 as the "digital generation" requirements for the car, in addition to the space required by the fathers, the brothers are in the pursuit of power and control, and more emphasis on the road at any time to enjoy the high-tech, digital the intelligent driving experience. In order to comply with the new standard of 80 consumers writing the "second generation full-time digital car Roewe 550, re-evolution of the digital technology of the vehicle, whether it is from the handling, the sense of science and technology, fashion sense or concept of environmental protection are fully to meet the demand of 80 to 80 consumers to build a midsize sedan with international standards, redefines the new benchmark of the mid-size car, high-tech, high-tech, high-quality.

    Yes, this is the "power", which is part of 80 new Roewe 550!

    Source: http://news.chinacars.com/xinche/guonei/1018039.shtml


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    Re: Updated Roewe 550 on sale

    Post by Roverman on Sun May 05, 2013 3:01 pm

    I like the wheels and the new colour coded skirts and bumper bottoms.

    The efficiency improvements would work well over here on the 6.

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    Re: Updated Roewe 550 on sale

    Post by patpending on Mon May 06, 2013 12:35 pm

    "Oh no! Looks like I over-ordered the popcorn again!" Wink

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    Re: Updated Roewe 550 on sale

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