GKN designed, manufactures and supplies AWD system for the GS


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    GKN designed, manufactures and supplies AWD system for the GS

    Post by patpending on Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:48 am

    GKN is driveline development partner for MG’s new SUV platform
    by Autocar Pro News Desk Apr 24, 2015

    GKN Driveline has become the first global Tier One supplier to design, develop and manufacture a complete all-wheel drive (AWD) system in China. The company supplies the complete AWD to SAIC Motors’ new MG GS compact SUV, as well as the front wheel-drive system.
    Andrew Reynolds Smith, GKN Automotive Chief Executive Officer, said: “The pace and sophistication of technology development for AWD models means that OEMs are increasingly looking to develop and source complete cutting-edge AWD systems from specialist Tier Ones. As the global leader in driveline technologies, GKN is powerfully positioned to meet this demand.
    “The MG GS is a milestone programme for GKN and for SAIC. This is the first time a Tier One has led the integration a complete AWD system from China to a domestic Chinese automaker. GKN’s innovative technology, backed by our global development and production footprint, is enabling OEMs to create new vehicles to meet market demand, with the innovation, capability and dynamics they want.”
    The on-demand AWD system was developed and fully integrated into the MG GS by Shanghai GKN HUAYU Driveline systems (SDS), a joint venture between GKN and HUAYU Automotive. The system switches seamlessly between AWD and two-wheel drive mode to ensure optimum efficiency, traction and performance at all times.
    At the heart of the MG GS is GKN’s software, responding instantly to driver inputs, vehicle attitude and road conditions. The software takes data from vehicle and driveline sensors to provide pre-emptive dynamic torque distribution functions that improve fuel economy, performance and stability. Precise management of torque controls slip in icy and low grip conditions and improves traction on- and off-road.
    GKN Programme Director, Dawei Wang, said: “Automakers who want more from their driveline choose GKN. The AWD system in the MG GS delivers remarkable performance in a compact package, optimised for weight, efficiency and cost. GKN’s strong local programme management, engineering and production expertise, coupled to our ability to leverage our global development footprint and our world-class software expertise all came together to push the boundaries of this programme.”
    The MG GS platform sources the complete driveline, from transmission to wheel, from GKN. Front and rear sideshafts, propshafts, power transfer units and rear drive modules are all manufactured locally. The system’s electromagnetic control device and hypoid gears are sourced from Japan. The complete system is assembled and delivered just-in-time to MG in Shanghai.
    GKN, which is the world’s leading developer of driveline technologies, supplies AWD, AWD Disconnect and hybrid AWD systems and components to automakers including Land Rover, BMW, General Motors, Ford and Porsche.

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