Launch of the E50


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    Launch of the E50 Empty Launch of the E50

    Post by Windy on Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:09 am

    The E50 - China's first mass-produced EV

    On January 23 2013, China's first mass-produced EV, the Roewe E50 officially on the road. At about 10 o'clock in the morning, in new energy vehicles in Shanghai International Automobile City Hall, public money from the dealer hands roewe E50 car keys and become the world's first owner of roewe E50, free of charge at the same time he also received the new energy vehicles in Shanghai the first exclusive private car licence.

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    Roewe E50 on the world's first owners of successful brand

    Money Mr told journalists, he home has has has a Taiwan b level car, but has been wanted to again buy a Taiwan car as commute travel, in learned that China first volume etc of pure electric vehicle roewe E50 listed zhihou on has been very concern, as Government related subsidies policy of clear, purchased roewe E50 not only can enjoy subsidies also can obtained free Shanghai brand, regardless of is is "economic account" also is is "environmental account" are very deal, immediately will did not hesitate to hand purchased.

    It is understood that the current price guide for 234900 roewe E50 pure electric vehicle market, State and municipal government levels of subsidy, Terminal price only 128,000 yuan, in addition to free access to more exclusive private car licence for new energy vehicles in Shanghai. In January 2013, Shanghai's private car licence premium has risen to 75,000 yuan, used cars exceeded 80,000 yuan, buy roewe E50 pure electric vehicles have access to free private car licence policy, where the majority of residents in Shanghai, Shanghai has great appeal.

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    Car owners driving roewe E50

    According to reports, entirely by SAIC roewe E50 independent research and development, the use of specially developed for pure electric vehicle platforms, from the inside out specifically for "electric car" features designed and successfully passed the C-NCAP four star safety crash tests, is the safety of pure electric vehicles in China. Even on a global scale, developed from pure electric vehicle platforms, and only a handful of international giants such as BMW, Nissan has only.

    Roewe E50 using today's performance-leading lithium iron phosphate battery, truly zero pollution, zero emissions. A regular household fuel car, nearly 3 tons of carbon emissions annually, the equivalent of total 160 trees can absorb, roewe E50 to pure electric drive, select a roewe 160 under the E50 is equivalent to planting trees, and contribute to environmental protection.

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    Roewe E50 display cars and charging equipment

    Has data displayed, domestic has 70% of owners are in city with car, 70% of with car time are is city workers condition, 85% of owners daily driving mileage below 50 km, and roewe E50 of Supreme speed can up 130 km/h, uniform test workers condition Xia battery life mileage Supreme for 180 km, full can meet most city consumers of with car needs, is city daily life travel of ideal travel tool. Roewe E50 charging mode is very convenient: trickle charge available household 220V outlet charging, while fast-charge batteries in 30 minutes full of 80%. Qian said that he drove mainly usually travel to or from work, every day, dozens of kilometers away, roewe E50 mileage fully adequate, and whether it is at home or in the company, the charge is very convenient.

    By the end of December 2012, roewe E50 listing in less than two months, has received more than 200 orders.

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