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    New Energy

    Post by Windy on Thu May 02, 2013 3:22 am

    SAIC Chih-Hsin Chen: military order signed with the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee reached this year

    "SAIC in recent years has been heavily invested in the field of new energy, I am in charge of new energy development and the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, the city had signed a military order, we like the troops, to complete the task of three cars."

    Shanghai Motor Show, executive vice president of Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd., Chih-Hsin Chen, general manager of passenger cars in an exclusive interview with this reporter introduced three vehicles are launched in late 2010 Roewe 750 in the hybrid version, launched in 2012 The Roewe E50 pure electric vehicles and launched at the end of this year, Roewe E50 Unplugged strong mixing.

    Hybrid version of the Roewe 750 listed, the state's policy is "Ten City, 1000" Demonstration of new energy vehicles subsidy of 32,000 yuan per vehicle, has now been extended to 25 cities. Chih-Hsin Chen introduced the car to 20% reduction in fuel consumption last year, the first time they get 16,000 yuan of subsidies. For SAIC, this subsidy is proof of the mixed technology to achieve a breakthrough.

    The Roewe E50 listed in the end of last year, the subsidy policy has not been finalized. To 12 years 26 policy was announced, but only lasted a week then expired. That week, the Roewe E50 sold 238, affordable pure electric vehicles have broad market prospects. Chih-Hsin Chen said, they get the news is that subsidies for electric cars will also be re-enacted, the state should continue to support the promotion of new energy vehicles.

    Pure electric Nissan Leaf sold only 23,000 units, from the original target half less. Therefore, Nissan announced the postponement of the promotion of electric vehicles, the main plug-in hybrids. In addition, the United States also announced last year to abandon the established electric car promotion programs. The reason for this is the battery technology bottleneck.

    Chih-Hsin Chen introduced the electric vehicle battery pack is composed of numerous power-saving core, such as the Roewe E50 has more than 280 kilograms of batteries, 20 amp / hour string together, each power-saving core has a slight difference within blocking high batteries charge is not smooth, the energy necessary to decay, how to manage these batteries, heating and cooling batteries, this is a huge problem.

    He believes that China's new energy development is most urgent, because people can drag, we alone can not drag, because China is too big, the contradiction between the vehicle and the environment must be resolved as soon as possible. Roewe E50, the SAIC research and development of plug-in hybrids will be listed at the end of this year, the car in pure dynamic mode can be life 50 km, 50 km away can use gasoline to charge.

    Chih-Hsin Chen, SAIC new energy strategy will enter a second phase of the completion of the research and development of the car. The second phase of the research and development will achieve full coverage, SAIC invested heavily for, set up a special new energy company called SAIC Rapid Energy, SAIC Technology Center, deputy director of by SAIC hundred percent holding, the company's general manager.

    He stressed that the SAIC second phase of the development and promotion of new energy will focus on the market, commercialization. New energy vehicles in addition to quality and safety, easy to use, the most important thing is people want to buy from, relying only on state subsidies, new energy vehicles development is not up. Therefore, they will focus on how to reduce costs and comprehensively promote new energy vehicles commercialization operators.


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