Maxus wins an award


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    Maxus wins an award

    Post by Windy on Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:47 am

    965 Maxus V80 sales for June continues  a fairly steady upwards trend since launch.

    SAIC Maxus, Shanghai International School Auto Show debut

    July 1, to "care for children to grow concerned about school bus safety" as the theme of "2013 Shanghai International School Bus Development Conference & Exhibition" at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center.  The Shanghai School Auto Show is held the first school in Shanghai auto show, fully embodies the Shanghai Municipal Government for school bus operations management attention.  As the light passenger class school bus leader, SAIC Maxus put the school show as an important opportunity to bring young children ruler dedicated school bus, pupils ruler dedicated school bus and pupils ruler dedicated school bus for the lineup of 2014 models full-line school bus product of collective appearance.  With the international benchmark of quality and continuous in terms of technology and innovation in the school show, SAIC Maxus ruler dedicated school bus is the organizer China Automotive Technology and Research Center awarded the "Best School Bus Award of Excellence" award in recognition of its In the school bus construction field outstanding performance, and in the field of vehicle delivery ceremony.  SAIC Maxus leading school bus through the exhibit products and unique safety concept, the community to provide high quality comprehensive than expected school bus.  Upcoming September 1st imminent execution of the "Shanghai school bus safety regulations", the school will also Shanghai automobile field brings about another school bus Quality Review a great time.

    In the "Shanghai school bus safety regulations" strictly formal occasion, SAIC Maxus looking to capture the market trends, the first to launch 2014 models ruler dedicated school bus, the improvement in the product line, customization and chassis tuning, and so do the improved to better meet market and consumer demands.  2014 models ruler dedicated school bus with children ruler dedicated school bus, pupils ruler dedicated school bus and pupils ruler dedicated school bus full line covers the entire school bus product line to meet the full preschool, nursery, primary and secondary schools and other schools organization's needs; and according to the actual demand for the line wing through InteCare optional intelligent systems can be customized to form include traffic management, education authorities, schools and parents all parties involved in the whole network interconnected intelligent systems.  In addition, the 2014 models ruled by its chassis systems were further upgraded, will provide users with a more comfortable, safer and more environmentally friendly school bus experience.  Before that, the school bus has long been ruled by virtue of the most stringent standards of U.S. school buses, as well as 360 degrees +360 degrees safety concept, has become the first national school bus qualification announcement, first passed rollover test, took the lead through a light interior air quality testing dedicated school bus passenger class, to create a whole process, comprehensive, all-weather safety school bus.  With the international benchmark of quality and leading technology's core strengths, SAIC Maxus ruler dedicated school bus school in Shanghai high-end car market share has reached 80%, light passenger type of market in the country is among the top three.  Delivery ceremony site, the owner said: "The selection depends on the strength of the school bus, look at reputation, select ruler dedicated school bus, took a fancy to its SAIC background, as well as in the education industry, the actual reputation." It is an excellent market performance and a good reputation among consumers, making SAIC ranked KONE other large school bus brands, she won the "Best School Bus Excellence Award."

    It is worth mentioning that in the constantly improving product quality at the same time, SAIC Maxus in Chinese school bus construction of public areas also conducted a series of active exploration, the completion of "safe school bus white paper" Developing, participating principals Summit Forum , created school bus leasing business model After a series of initiatives, and more recently in the United Luck Club SAIC and Shanghai Children's Art Theatre, founded SAIC Maxus theater, to rich, vivid, funny cartoon form, explain to young children and popularization of school bus safety knowledge, became the first financial Art Theatre and school bus safety in one of the pioneering all-round strong impact on China school bus safety construction of the road.

    September 1, "Shanghai school bus safety regulations" will be officially strictly enforce the policy landing the final countdown sound, Shanghai school bus companies and the market have full access to the state actively preparing for the sprint.  The formal implementation of the new regulations will further promote school bus operators and regulatory agencies comply with the new regulations purchase special school bus safety, school bus market in Shanghai will usher in a huge big fat development opportunities.  SAIC Maxus will consistently to the national market and consumers with high-quality international benchmark school bus safety, to the best products available to consumers.


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