Maxus G10 V Buick GL8


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    Maxus G10 V Buick GL8

    Post by Windy on Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:22 am

    "Even compared with the Buick GL8's top model 3.0L V6 engine, Maxus G10's maximum power and torque exceeded by 30% and 20%, fuel economy has greatly improved by over 30%.  Compared to "gas guzzlers" GL8, naturally much better fuel economy."

    To iphone 6 or to "crazy love"?  Hottest MPV make you love crazy

    The high-end MPV market competition has been fierce this year, a more "intense" flavour rising star is rife.  Especially SAIC Group "MPV Hutch" One SAIC Maxus entire field MPV G10, in key aspects of space, power configuration is outstanding, once available will be the charm with excellent products and brand strength to gain market favour and sought after.  So, exactly what the actual G10 catch and dry it? Recently, SAIC Maxus held a G10 with GL8 comparison test drive, test drive, not only the G10's seven luxury executive version of the space, power consumption and configuration many aspects have enough strength against the GL8 this veteran opponent, 2.0T automatic fashion version of its Internet as exclusive models also pocketed the eye, giving a fresh feel.

    Stallion hair Gong Wei infinite force

    Markets such as the battlefield, especially MPV market, the power factor is definitely a tough fight, one of the key battle of winning.  Dongtan Wetland Park along the front line, a lot of Chongming local native vegetation, such as bamboo, red locust, tallow, water onion, iris, etc. to form a patchwork landscape.  SAIC Maxus G10 comfort so that we have a good enough mood to enjoy the beauty of the park along the way, even when some of the potholed road through, G10 front McPherson filtered from five-link suspension system is also a great extent bumpy road moderate hardness seats also provide effective support.

    Tap the throttle, G10 sensitive 2.0T turbocharged engine immediately give a strong response, ZF 6-speed manual gearbox is so we can almost feel the gap is less than shifting, 165kw maximum power is more like a god horse hair power, the power of rapid wetland let us walk through the beauty of freedom, it is refreshing.  Accompanying staff told us that SAIC Maxus G10 assembly 6AT automatic gearbox is taken by the famous ZF spare parts provided by the manufacturer, this gearbox has also been a lot of European luxury car brand as a standard feature, influential.  After administration of the G10 deluxe version for a test drive, we have another version of a G10 fashion models also carried out a test drive, G10 fashion version control and ride overall driving feel are very good, no less than the luxury executive version.  Closer scrutiny, G10 fashion version There tailored specifically for online consumers "exclusive personality", look more stylish shine, with 18-inch alloy wheels, sporty tail, fashion side of the pedal, the network exclusive amber gold These exclusive features.  Also, its onboard Wi-Fi is very good, even at high speeds, we receive a Wi-Fi phone is full grid, I believe very much in line nowadays young consumers and business people to higher MPV requirements.

    I have been very curious, as the most veteran of the high-end commercial vehicles, preconceived Buick GL8 MPV market has been influential in the country more than ten years, and "out of the same door," the G10 meet, exactly who is stronger in the power of some? for Here, I test drive a specially equipped with a 2.4L naturally aspirated engine and second-generation six-speed manual transmission Buick GL8, trying to separate the clear winner.  In fact, the Buick GL8 powertrain performance is good, can achieve 123 kw of maximum power and 225 Nm of maximum torque, as consumers 175 km / h maximum speed, but when compared with Maxus G10, power is somewhat inferior.

    G10 not only outstanding speed, power continuously, in terms of fuel economy also is the perfect efficiency and low consumption: compared to the market's most common GL8 2.4L models, G10 maximum power higher than 42kw, a 34 percent power increase, torque improvements of up to 53%; Even with the GL8's top models compared to 3.0 l V6 engine, G10's maximum lift power and torque were also exceeded the 30% and 20%, fuel economy has greatly improved over 30%, compared to "gas guzzlers" GL8, naturally much better fuel economy.  Test Drive site, we have a pedestrian G10 not only smooth, agile, efficient power surging attracted more to be impressed by its environmental fuel consumption leading strength.  Needless to say, G10 in big power, fuel consumption and environmental protection is absolutely doing my MPV market power the new benchmark.

    It is worth mentioning that, G10 is also quiet good complement to its surging power.  Whether stationary or vehicle dash to the road, the car noise are well controlled.  We Chongming Island at high speed potholed road on the outskirts complex, the entire interior space is very quiet, and instantly let us into the calm of nature, and to let the test drive memorable.  It is understood that this outstanding performance to benefit from the use of luxury-brand models G10 is equipped with low rigidity torque converter, dynamic vibration absorber and other devices, the system uses ultra quiet engine timing chain drive, intake and exhaust systems are also conducted a mute control, reduce noise and vibration chassis.  Whole body full use of the noise reduction technology: from the engine compartment, cockpit, the vehicle floor and the roof of the car body side trim is equipped with noise insulation materials.  Often more luxurious car, the more emphasis on mute, G10 good acoustics undoubtedly let comfort and on a higher level.  Just from the quiet of this point of view, people who ride G10, you can feel the SAIC Maxus products on the standard international quality reputation is indeed well-deserved reputation.

    Box within the cabin space beyond the sibling

    Before the test drive, I already heard G10's space advantage, often to their friends around the same level beyond the "Space Box" design full of praise, have said "Space is not to say that spacious than GL8".  From the data, SAIC Maxus in space at the same level is really class-leading MPV: length, width and height are 5168mm, 1980mm and 1928mm, and GL8 of 5213 mm * 1847mm * 1750mm length and breadth compared to There are obvious advantages in the width and height.  G10 wheelbase up to 3198 mm, for creating more interior space play a decisive role, but only 3088mm wheelbase GL8 apparently not too prominent.

    The real car experience, I'm through with contrast GL8 test drive, SAIC Maxus G10 large space and practicality have personal experience.  G10 cockpit feel very superior.  Front row experience Needless to say, the big multi-meter eighty peers to sit, and there is no pressure, the ride comfort is very good.  While the second and third row of the spatial layout, really highlight "Box in the cabin," the space advantage: Buick GL8 luxury second-row space is called, is designed for key customers to create, but also ignoring the third row performance, the third row seat cushion is too small, and since the seat can not be moved, the ride comfort is poor, the degree of flexibility is also small.  In contrast, SAIC Maxus G10 passenger seat all-rail design to achieve a flexible passenger area and the luggage area, front two rows of the largest seat pitch can reach 1070mm, fully meet the passenger's comfort.

    Intuitively, G10 second row of the largest seat pitch of about one meter, is truly "golden second row", the passengers sitting in the second row, even taller than 190cm, burly men, but also to find appropriate and comfortable sitting position.  I supine in the third row down, spacing up to 900mm of space performance, legs are almost fully extended, spatial performance has exceeded industry standards.  In addition, G10 flexible third row is also reflected in its rich combination seat, the seat back through 4/6 design, seating up to hundreds of combinations.  SAIC Maxus G10 second and third row are equipped with slide rails, seat occupant can adjust spacing according to your needs, make full use of interior space.

    G10 is a large trunk space and the perfect combination of practicality.  Speak with the data, large trunk volume actually can reach the largest 2500L, is two times as much as the market mainstream MPV.  In the test drive site media friends "Changqiangduanbao" Qi battle, G10 is delivered, not only to accommodate the presence of large and small all "weapons", then loaded on six sets of golf clubs are still more than enough.

    To sum ​​up:

    Large space MPV, the major driving force, has been respected by everyone, while SAIC Maxus G10 not only the advantage of surging power and large space on its head, but plenty of power to meet the premise of a good balance between fuel economy, adequate meet consumer demands for a comprehensive business, business, home.  In addition, G10 not only in key areas of space, power, fuel consumption and other implements of GL8 catch, in the fashion appearance and user-friendly technology and other aspects of the configuration are also under a lot of effort, called the whole field MPV model, not only will lead including business, all areas of public service, including consumer trends MPV, will lead the Chinese MPV market under a golden decade.


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