Roewe 350 - Dancing with the car


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    Roewe 350 - Dancing with the car

    Post by Windy on Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:29 pm

    Experience the joy of an extraordinary experience of competition with the Roewe 350

    Roewe brand as the leader in independent, has been founded in 2006, has grown in strength, not only stack the new product sales are also rising. It should be said, to take the lead in the innovative spirit of Shanghai Automotive, under the guidance of the Roewe brand not only inherited the British car culture, but also adhere to the core values of the automotive industry; to adhere to timeless design classic cars at the same time, innovation quality to meet and exceed consumer technology needs and experience.

    April 2010, Shanghai Automotive launched a new strategic model - Roewe 350, Shanghai Automotive as a new compact car based on Global A platform for product research and development, the Roewe 350 dynamic fashion, elegant atmosphere, not only performance, and configuration rich and comprehensive to meet the needs of the contemporary Chinese family car. Also worth mentioning is that, as a "digital" car, the Roewe 350 by inkaNet 3G intelligent network traffic system, and including full-time online car life, all-round driving experience and efficient communication between all areas of space, including Car Life new era.
    To let consumers get the most real, most comprehensive feelings and experience, particularly in the SAIC Roewe November 7, held a "Happy Autumn Love Song line" Roewe 350 families to experience Day.

    Autumn love song Happy Walk

    The "Autumn Love Song Happy Walk" Roewe 350 home experience day activities, special arrangements held in the Beijing Happy Valley. The participants, through the online application and successfully nominated the eight lucky friends, places the temporary home (2 pairs) in the form of participation in this activity. Different content based on experience, this event is divided into urban master, music of people eager to son, and four major areas car dance.

    The first part of "urban expert" and the second part of "Music of Man" is associated with the same time. When driving the temporary home leave the starting point of the Roewe 350, and after two kilometers of driving, they need to use the car inkaNet 3G intelligent network traffic system belongs waikie talkie functionality with other bikers global intercom or staff exchanges, to understand where each car location, staff will also inform the participants through the function of the final destination of this event. Then the family will need to use the temporary board inkaNet 3G advanced intelligent network traffic system, navigation system, rushed to the destination using the shortest possible time.

    In fact be tight in the first session, while the second part of "Music of Man" is also in progress simultaneously. In this session, the temporary home of another member, also speaking world need waikie talkie features songs quiz (from 一号 cars began to sing a pre-recorded songs in inkaNet system, and the remaining three answer in the name of car songs, answer the bonus points, then turn to the next car, and so on).

    The event's third and fourth links, "son anxious" and "Dancing with the car" as is done together, but is not in a vehicle on the road, but into the Happy Valley.

    In the "love child eager", the temporary family members need to save space in the car in the four treasure map pieces to find, and in combination, to obtain precious treasure (on behalf of children's toys and child seat dolls ), after the precise seat back and arranged children. According to rules of the game, the shortest time, and no error will be the winner of the family.

    As for the "Dancing with the car", suggests that it is carried around the vehicle, the temporary home in this session will be driving one of the members of the Roewe 350 in 10 * 10 range, cruising around in the center of the cardboard boxes moving. At the same time, another member of the family you will need the car were thrown into the carton 20 basketball. Rules within the time frame of 5 minutes, who put the number of boxes of basketball the most, whoever will be the eventual winner.
    It should be said, the acquisition of the day, performed well in all the temporary home, and we are very happy to play! More importantly, users have full experience of the characteristics of the Roewe 350 and inkaNet 3G magic intelligent network traffic system.

    Family communication and unlimited choice

    As for Chinese families to build a vehicle, the Roewe 350 in appearance has always been adhering to the characteristics of the Roewe brand, and its simple yet dynamic front, side, smooth lines, a very sporty vehicle and fashion sense; account decoration, whether in its class in workmanship or material selection are at a high level, beige and black interior with a classic, sporty and elegant appearance, after joining the Fang Taomu decoration, but also added a dash of luxury. In addition, 350 full sense of the dashboard technology, keeping up with fashion trends; in the power side, 1.5L inline 4-cylinder engine with variable valve timing technology VTI, Bi-Thermostat independent double-layered cooling system, as well as Euro 4 Standard EU6 green fuel system can be upgraded. Although only a 1.5L displacement, but 80Kw peak power to meet or exceed the level of many joint-venture brand 1.6L engine, not only to meet the needs of everyday driving, but also meet the current energy conservation, the development trend of green vehicles. In addition, in space, the Roewe 350 model with the same level beyond the long 2650mm wheelbase, providing consumers with extraordinary spatial experience, not only to meet more than one person's travel needs population, but also in terms of the performance of loading outstanding.

    Overall, the Roewe 350 vehicles fully meet consumer demand. The experience of the participants at this also have very deep feeling, and afterwards gave a high recognition and evaluation.

    In addition, inkaNet 3G intelligent network traffic system, we also received praise. By getting in on the navigation, intercom, music and other features of the experience. Users are fully aware of the system function and movement. For inkaNet system so that occupants can communicate anytime, anywhere world, so office automation, entertainment, life and true seamless Internet. Was a great surprise. They agreed that, inkaNet 3G intelligent network traffic system has not only changed the car, but the car will change the lives of consumers, it is the future an integral part of the car.

    It should be said, time is very short on experience, users can not fully understand the Roewe 350 and inkaNet 3G intelligent network traffic system. But even in such a short period of time, netizens are already in love with the Roewe 350 and inkaNet 3G intelligent network traffic system. If you also want to get the same experience, you should immediately go to the major 4S shop Roewe, Roewe 350 and inkaNet 3G intelligent network traffic system is waiting for close contact with you and jointly write a song and laughter.

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