Roewe E50 testing water in leasing market


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    Roewe E50 testing water in leasing market Empty Roewe E50 testing water in leasing market

    Post by Windy on Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:35 am

    Roewe E50 test water leasing market electric car business model is becoming clear

    Recently, the domestic car rental companies Hi Car Rental and Shanghai Gao Zhan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, plans to test the water electric car rental business in Shanghai.

    Accordance with the planning of both sides since April this year, a car rental Hi will begin in Jiading three electric vehicle rental stores, while the models of the initial investment for the private market has been put in the electric car SAIC Roewe E50.

    Hi car rental disclosed to reporters, leasing model of the future of electric vehicles is expected to continue to promote Minhang, Qingpu, Shanghai, the major urban areas, and leasing models will also be covered Chery, public Taihe Lifan variety of electric models.

    Leasing costs with traditional car flat

    "Through leases mode, the consumer price less cost of new energy vehicles will be able to in-depth experience. Market and privatization of new energy vehicles, it is undoubtedly a beneficial attempt a car rental Hi PR Director Shao Wei said in an interview with reporters.

    "The first three stores will be mainly concentrated in the more convenient charging facilities in Jiading District, the initial import electric cars for SAIC Roewe E50 models," Shao Wei, said the late pilot rental stores and government infrastructure Advance stores to further expand into the area of ​​Minhang, Qingpu address nearby residents to work and short-haul travel. "

    , According to a car rental, chairman Ruiping the company from a vision for a new energy 4S shop acquired 50 Roewe E50 as the first leasing models, of which more than 10 vehicles to the shop, all in place still need three months or so; Hey, plans to buy 200 pure electric cars before the end of the year, will be Chery, Zotye, Lifan vehicle models for consumers to choose.

    "Through the cooperation of the way with a car rental Hi, using a Hi advantage of channels in the rental market, as well as the electric car leasing low-cost advantage, will accelerate private acceptance of new energy vehicles." The Shanghai Gao Zhan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. related to The person in charge told reporters.

    As a partner, the the Shanghai Gao Zhan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will be responsible for all ancillary services related to the electric car vehicles. The cooperation between the two is the first of its kind, the country is also difficult to reference example, we now have a lot of follow-up collaboration and implementation details investigate, such as motor vehicle license and maintenance costs charged. The above stakeholders told reporters, With the completion of the new stores in April, these details are expected to be further implemented.

    According to the reporter, both pre-market research is nearing completion. The survey results found that the more attractive for consumers to experience and use of electric vehicles through the lease, than the direct purchase.

    Shao Wei told reporters, "A lot of consumers are curious about electric cars, but the integrated purchase and use costs is not enough attractive for private purchase.

    According to preliminary estimates, the daily rental fee for new energy vehicles will be 100 to 150 yuan, covers insurance, annual inspection fees, normal maintenance costs, "single point of view from the rental price, and compared to traditional gasoline vehicles have certain advantages . "said Shao Wei.

    The lease price of a compact car, for example, the rental price of the car is around $ 110, plus insurance costs 50 yuan, the price of single-day car rental and leasing electric cars basically the same, but in the latter part of the cost of gasoline car use cost per kilometer on average more than 0.6 yuan, while the use of new energy vehicles per kilometer cost about 0.06 yuan.

    In addition, compared with conventional gasoline cars, electric cars in the return of leasing companies did not "fully charged", relatively speaking, more convenient.

    According to a car rental Hi aspects, there are more than 10 companies to its proposed electric car leasing intentions.

    Test the water business model of the electric car market

    "Take a third-party co-operation mode, reducing the cost of the use of new energy vehicles, undoubtedly allow new energy vehicles is more close to the people." Of a long-term focus new energy vehicles to promote the industry, told reporters.

    Judging from the current situation, the reason why the new energy vehicles, including electric vehicles are not consumers quickly accepted outside the technology is not yet recognized, inadequate infrastructure, another important factor is the high cost.

    "Not only is the car costs also include private lifetime battery replacement costs, as well as depreciation costs after the end of the life cycle of new energy vehicles is a systemic problem." The industry source said.

    Only the integrated problem is resolved, the promotion of new energy vehicles to enter the "fast track". However, the current level of technology and market environment are objective reasons for restricting the promotion of a wide range of new energy vehicles.

    Take to rent a purchasing mode, you can circumvent the consumers 'prohibitive', more easily recognized. "Above the industry analysis.

    Thousand ten cities "promotion program of new energy vehicles in the city of Hefei. Market in Hefei, JAC with Wyatt three generations of electric vehicle models in the sale. Monthly car lease rent for $ 2,100 after financial subsidies, the bare car prices to buy this car for 75,000 yuan.

    7.5 million price of gasoline car prices are almost the same, but the 4S shop sales Queyuanburu popular leasing companies. Hefei the Ole new energy vehicles Leasing Co., Ltd. related personnel, the car rental company's monthly orders about 50, by contrast, are willing to buy a car only a handful of consumers. Hefei Jianghuai 4S store sales staff said the store monthly sales of electric cars basic maintenance 3.

    "Car Rental certainly more cost-effective than to buy, do not need to go to the maintenance, they also do not need to worry about the battery deal with the problem." Of the car rental company's customer service staff said. 4S shop sales staff also admitted, mainly corporate customers, the majority of currently marketed electric vehicle customers.

    Now, the promotion of new energy vehicles in the country's process did not stop the pace, but in the process promote the commercialization of new energy vehicles, how to open a private consumer market, is still the problem put in front of car prices and government leasing model will be One way to solve this problem.

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